Advice on electric razors

Every man shaves differently. Which electric shaver is most suitable for you depends entirely on your wishes and the needs of your skin. All the information you need to choose the best electric shaver for you can be found on this page.

Choose electric shaver

Electric shaver

Are you looking for an electric shaver, but you don't know how to choose the best one for you? We've selected researched what you should pay attention to when making your choice.

Compare products

Braun vs Philips

Do you want to know the difference between a Philips and a Braun shaver? Or are you looking for the differences between the brand-specific shavers? We've researched all the differences for you.


Electric shavers reviews

Do you want more information about an electric shaver? Our expert tested one for you.


Shaving with an electric shaver

Are you switching from razor to electric shaver? Or would you like to know more about trimming with an electric shaver? Our expert explains how to shave and trim with an electric shaver.

Beard growth

Type of beard growth

Not all electric shavers are powerful enough to shave a thick beard. Our expert will explain what type of beard growth you have.

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