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Everything on the energy label

You may still recognize the energy label. It was once introduced for vacuum cleaners to show how energy-efficient the vacuum cleaner is and how it scores on different surfaces. The energy label for vacuum cleaners has been abolished since the beginning of this year. In this article, I'll tell more about this and I give you the latest updates.

Quick reminder: what's an energy label?

What is the energy label

The energy label showed how energy efficient a vacuum cleaner is, and how it performs on different surfaces, since the label showed the results of different tests new vacuums were subjected to. These tests were determined by the European Union. The more energy-efficient the vacuum cleaner, the higher its classification. In addition, it told you how well a vacuum cleaner will work on carpet, for example, or how much dust the vacuum re-emits into the air during use.

Abolishing of energy label for vacuum cleaners

Abolish energy label for vacuum cleaners

Since 19 January 2019, the energy label is no longer legally required by the European Union. This is because vacuum cleaners were always tested under the most ideal conditions:

  • The dust cup or dust bag was always completely empty.
  • The filters were completely new and clean.
  • The vacuuming movement meant that the vacuum cleaner covered the same place 5 times.

Since this is not a good representation of the actual usage situation, the energy label has been 'voided'. The requirements set for the vacuum cleaners still apply.

Energy requirements set

Power The maximum permitted power is 900 watts.
Noise level The maximum permitted noise level is 80 decibels.
Dust re-emission Vacuums aren't allowed to re-emit more than 1% of dust particles now.
Dust pickup efficiency Dust pickup efficiency on hard flooring has to be at least 98%. On carpet that's 75%.

Consequences of the abolishment

In principle, nothing changes about the vacuum cleaners themselves. The energy label was just a convenient way to roughly compare vacuum cleaners. Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner? Then read the article about how to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your wishes and needs. In it, we give you tips on what to look for when you buy a vacuum cleaner. Then you won't need the energy label anymore.

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