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Compare the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic, Watch4, and Watch3

The successors of the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 are the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic. These stylish smartwatches have new health functions, like the body analysis function. And unlike the Watch3 with Tizen OS, they run on the operating system Wear OS now. We've compared the 3 models and we'll tell you all about the similarities and differences.

Compare the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic, Watch4, and Watch3

  • You can easily scroll through apps with the rotating bezel
  • Gain extensive insight into your health with the body analysis function
  • Download a lot of apps in the Google Play Store
  • Due to the stainless steel watch case, it's slightly heavier than the Watch4
From 349,-
  • Control the Watch4 via the touchscreen
  • Gain extensive insight into your health with the body analysis function
  • Download a lot of apps in the Google Play Store
  • It doesn't have the rotating bezel that the Watch4 Classic has
From 257,-
  • You can easily scroll through apps with the rotating bezel
  • ECG heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor
  • No body analysis function
From 259,-


Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic black design

Watch4 Classic: rotating bezel and stainless steel watch case

The only difference between the Watch4 Classic and the Watch4 is the design. The Watch4 Classic has a stainless steel watch case, which makes this smartwatch slightly heavier and more robust than the Watch4. The Classic edition also has a rotating bezel. This is a rotating ring around the screen that you use to easily scroll through your apps, messages, and health statistics. The Classic comes in 2 sizes, namely 42 and 46mm. You can choose between the colors black and silver.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 black design

Watch4: digital scrolling and lightweight aluminum

The Watch4 has an aluminum watch case. That makes the smartwatch a lot lighter than it's fancy brother, the Classic. As a result, you won't notice it as much while you exercise. The Watch4 doesn't have a rotating ring around the screen. That means you scroll through your apps and messages with the buttons on the watch or via the touchscreen. The Watch4 also comes in 2 sizes, namely 40 and 44mm. You can choose from 4 colors. These are black, silver, green, or rose gold.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 black design

Watch3: stainless steel watch case and rotating bezel around the screen

The predecessor of the Watch4 also has a rotating bezel. With this ring, you can easily navigate to your favorite apps. The watch case of the Watch3 is made of stainless steel, just like the Watch4. That makes the Watch3 a sturdy watch as well. The buttons on the Watch3 have a classic, round design. Those of the Watch4 are rectangular and flatter. The Watch3 is also available in 2 sizes, namely 41 and 45mm. You can choose from 3 colors. These are black, silver, or rose gold/bronze.

Operating system

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 rose gold Spotify

Watch4: Wear OS from Google

The functions of the Watch4 Classic and the Watch4 are the same, so we'll compare the Watch4 in general to the Watch3 here. The 4th generation Galaxy Watch uses the Wear OS operating system from Google. That means you download all your favorite apps like Spotify, Snapchat, or Strava from the Google Play Store and you can easily use apps like Google Maps on this watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 bronze clock

Watch3: Tizen OS from Samsung

The Galaxy Watch3 runs on Samsung's own operating system. It's called Tizen OS. You can also use it to download certain apps on the watch, but your options are more limited.

Health functions

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 body analysis

Watch4: body analysis, snoring detection, ECG, blood pressure monitor

In addition to the health functions already available on the Watch3, the Galaxy Watch4 has a useful new health function. That's the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis function, also known as a body analysis function. With a body analysis, you gain insight into statistics like your muscle mass, fat mass, and body water. That way, you know if you're drinking enough water and if you can burn more fat. The Watch4 also registers if you're snoring and how this influences your sleep. In addition, the Watch4 has a blood pressure monitor and an ECG heart rate monitor, just like it's predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 silver, ECG, blood pressure monitor

Watch3: ECG, blood pressure monitor

The release of the Watch3 marked Samsung's first smartwatch with a blood pressure monitor. After you've calibrated the blood pressure monitor, you can measure your blood pressure from your wrist whenever you want. With the ECG heart rate monitor, you can make cardiograms. Do the cardiograms show irregularities? You might want to make an appointment with your doctor. In addition to the ECG heart rate monitor, the Watch3 and Watch4 also have an optical heart rate sensor. This sensor continuously measures your heart rate, even during your workout.

Smart functions and storage

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 side

Watch4: 16GB storage for all your apps, compass

A new feature on the Watch4 is the built-in compass. This way, you can find the way to your destination and you always know where you are. The successor to the Watch3 has more storage capacity. This 4th generation smartwatch has 16GB storage. That's plenty of storage space for all your apps, playlists, and data.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 side

Watch3: 8GB storage, no compass

De Watch3 doesn't have a compass like the Watch4. This 3rd generation Galaxy Watch has 8GB storage, so you can store your favorite apps and playlists.

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