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How do I expand the storage capacity of the PlayStation 4?

With so many cool games coming up, every gamer will at one point wonder: do I have enough space left on my PS4? No more sleepless nights, because the hard drive of your PS4 can easily be upgraded. In this article, I'll explain step-by-step how to replace the hard drive of your PS4 with a fast SSD or an HDD with a higher storage capacity.

What do I need?

Replacing the HDD of your PlayStation is not a huge task, but you still have to have a few things to make sure everything runs smoothly. Below, you can find all the gadgets you need to provide your PS4 with more storage capacity.

  • A PlayStation 4, PS4 Slim, or PS4 Pro
  • A 2.5-inch hard drive or SSD (at least 256GB)
  • USB flash drive/External HDD (2x)
  • A cross screwdriver
  • A bowl for your screws
  • A clean, well-lit surface


Before we actually get started, there are a number of important steps to go through. First, make a backup of your data and get the PlayStation firmware ready.

1. Back up your data

PS4 backup menu

Connect your USB flash drive or external hard drive (depending on how much data you want to transfer) to a USB port on your PS4. Go to Settings/System/Systems backup and restore and select backup PS4. This can take up to an hour. If you only want to transfer your save games, it's also possible to upload them to your PlayStation Plus Account. If you have an active PS Plus subscription, navigate to Settings/ Application Saved Data Management Tool/Saved Data in System Storage/Upload to Online Storage. Select the save games you want to transfer and click the Upload button.

2. Download the software

PS4 firmware website

In order to use your new hard drive later, the PS4 has to install its firmware. Go to the PlayStation firmware page and download the latest software. Create a folder on the second USB flash drive called "PS4", and a folder called "Update" in it. Here, you can save the update file, which is called "PS4UPDATE.PUP". Use these names, so your PS4 will recognize the files.

Did the update finish downloading and is your date ready on the backup? You're ready to replace your hard drive.

Replace the hard drive

There, all your save games and files are secured and the software for your new drive is ready on your USB flash drive. Now it's time for the real work.

Step 1: Open the casing

PS4 Slim HDD access gate

**Warning! This step differs per PS4 model. Model-specific instructions for the Slim and the Pro will follow soon. **.

To prevent shocking surprises, disconnect your PS4 from all cables first and place it on a clean, well-lit surface. Open the casing by carefully opening the left panel (from the front), as shown in the illustration. Now, you have access to the cage the hard drive is in Unscrew the screw at the front left; this allows you to carefully remove the HDD bracket from the cage.

Step 2: Replace the hard drive

Unscrew the 4 screws on both sides and keep them well. Carefully slide the old HDD out of the housing (remember the way it is inserted!). Take your new HDD or SSD and slide it in the same way in the HDD bracket. Reattach the drive with the 4 screws. Slide the bracket firmly back into the PS4 and screw the bracket back to the PS4 with the first screw. Carefully close the housing again.

Step 3: Restore the software

PS4 Safe Mode

Connect your PS4 completely, but do not turn it on yet. The PS4 has to be started up in Safe Mode. Insert the USB stick with the previously downloaded software into the USB port of your PS4. Also connect your PS4 controller to the usb port. Press and hold the on button for 5-7 seconds until the PS4 starts up in Safe Mode. In the options menu that follows, choose option 7: Initialize PS4.

Step 4: Restore the backup

Then it's time to restore your backup. Plug your backup USB or external hard drive into the USB port of the PS4. Navigate again to ** Settings / System / Backup and Restore **. Select ** Restore PS4 ** and select your backup drive. The PS4 will now restore all your data as they were. This can also last up to an hour. Ta-da! A PS4 with a larger or faster disk!

Step 5: Game!

Pre-order and download the latest games with without worries, because you now have plenty of space!

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