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The best televisions at the moment are OLED and QLED TVs. While the names of these technologies are similar, they are very different in practice.

Notable differences

Both OLED and QLED TVs provide an impressive image quality in their own way. If you want to see the deepest black, an OLED TV is a good choice for you. Because each pixel is lit up or turned off individually, black areas of the screen are a really deep black. Go for a QLED TV if you find the brightness and color representation most important. The Quantum Dot technology only allows the desired colors to go through, so you can enjoy an impressive color intensity with these TVs.

Your ideal screen size

Virtually place TVs in your room.

Bigger isn't necessarily better. For example, when you're too close to the TV in a small living room. That's why you should consider where and how you want to use the television when you choose the right TV size. In addition to the viewing distance, you also have to take the resolution of the TV into consideration.

Virtually place TVs in your room

Download and open the Coolblue app on your smartphone, find a TV, and swipe down until you see 'Does this TV size fit in your room?'. Here, you can virtually place the TV in your room via the augmented reality function.

Highlighted product

Watch colorful television

This Philips gives watching TV more color in multiple ways. The OLED screen shows realistic colors and real black. Ambilight lights up the wall behind the TV, which gives a relaxing feel.

Steven Televisions specialist.

Inspiration for your living room

Delivery and installation

When your new TV is delivered, it's very convenient if it's installed right away at the proper spot in your home. Choose our installation and mounting service and have your TV installed and mounted upon delivery.

Delivery Coming your way.
Mounting the TV
Mounting the TV Feet off the floor.
Setup Simple as that.