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What is the ideal viewing distance for my TV?

The way you experience a movie or game doesn't solely depend on image processing techniques. The viewing distance also plays an important role. If you're sitting too far away from a TV, small details will be poorly visible. If you're too close, you'll see the screen's pixels. On this page, I'll help you choose the ideal distance.

Resolution and size

tv resolution

When you're too close to the screen, you'll see that an image is made up of small pixel. This detracts from the level of realism of your movie, TV show, or game. The resolution decides how large these dots on the screen are. A 4K resolution has smaller pixels than Full HD, for example, which allows you to sit closer to the screen. The bigger the screen, the bigger the pixels. This means you must increase the distance between your viewing position and the TV.

The calculation

calculate TV format

In order to calculate the minimum and maximum viewing distance for a Full HD TV, you must multiply the screen size by 1.5 and 2.5. A 65-inch TV measures 165 diagonally, for example. This means that the viewing distance should be between 2.5 and 4.1 meters. For a 4K television, you multiply the diagonal size by 1 and 1.5. Thanks to the smaller pixels, you can sit closer to the screen. Keep in mind that this is only a rule of thumb. Your personal preference and the usage situation also play a part.

Watch your usage situation

TV usage format

When deciding on your viewing distance, ask yourself what you want to use the TV for. If you often play games, it's best to sit closer to the screen. This'll allow you to completely immerse yourself in the action, and detail will be much clearer. If you often watch soccer or tennis matches, it's better to sit farther away from the TV. Having to track the ball with your eyes all the time isn't very comfortable.

View the TV in your living room virtually

Augmented reality

Want to know what the TV looks like from your viewing distance? Download the Coolblue app and open the augmented reality function. This will show you a virtual image in your room of any screen size. It doesn't matter whether you want to place the TV on a cabinet or on the wall. This way, you'll be sure to pick the size that suits your viewing distance.

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