Help with choosing a TV

Choosing the right TV isn't always easy. There are different specifications you need to keep in mind, such as sharpness, wired connection options, and smart TV functions. As soon as you know which specifications are important for your situation, it's also important to select the right size. On this page, we'll help you along.

Which TV suits you?

Which TV suits you

Do you occasionally watch the news, stream your series, or play the latest games? Or are you looking for a TV that fits in a small room or caravan? In these articles, we'll explain which TV fits your usage situation.

Size and viewing distance

TV choose size and viewing distance

In these articles, you'll find useful tips to calculate the ideal TV size. The viewing distance plays an important role. If you're far from the TV, you need a larger screen to see all the details properly. If you're too close to a large screen, you will see the pixels or won't have a clear overview.

Advice on usage

TV use

Different characteristics are important for different usage situations. A TV should display sports as smoothly as possible, while a gaming TV shouldn't experience a delay between your controller and the screen. In these articles, we'll explain what features your TV should have for each situation.


Compare TVs

Because of the large selection of TV techniques, it's sometimes difficult to choose. Should you choose an LED TV or an OLED TV? In order to help you choose, we've listed the most important technologies and TV types.

Expert reviews

TV reviews

Are you seriously considering buying a TV, but want to know a little more about it first? Read our experts' reviews. In these reviews, we'll assess the most important characteristics, from image techniques to design.

Explanation of TV specifications

TV specifications

Do you want to know more about the characteristics of a TV? Read these articles. Here, we'll explain the main TV specifications, like resolution, HDR, and Hertz.

Explanation TV techniques

TV technologies

Modern TV feature many different technologies. You can choose between OLED or QLED, for example, which each have their own image qualities. Philips Ambilight TVs light up the wall behind the TV in the colors of the screen. Our expert will explain the technologies to you.

Help after purchase

You've purchased a new television. Time to connect all of your devices and set them up. But where do you begin? On this page, we'll tell you exactly how to connect your television, set it up, and install it.

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