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The best TV for streaming movies and series

Do you want to stream movies and series from a video service like Netflix? Then you need at least a smart TV. As more and more services offer videos in 4K and HDR, it's useful if the TV supports these imaging technologies. This way, you can enjoy the optimum sharpness and colors. I've selected the best choices for you.

Choose your ideal size

Most televisions are available in various sizes. These sizes are indicated in inches. To determine the best size for your room, you should measure the distance between your viewing position and your current TV in centimeters. Multiply this number by 0.2 to find your ideal size in inches. If your viewing distance is, let's say, 2 meters, a 40-inch TV is the best choice. Do note that this is simply a guideline. You can opt for a television that's a couple inches bigger or smaller without experiencing any problems.

LG 49UM7400PLB: sharp 4K image quality

4K (UHD) | Smart TV: webOS | 50Hz
no longer available

The LG 49UM7400PLB gives you access to a clear main menu listing websites, games, and apps. You can easily set the order of the apps. This way, you can put your favorite services such as Netflix or YouTube at the front. Thanks to the 4K support, movies and series are sharply displayed. If the videos are of low quality, a technique called upscaling makes the images extra sharp.


Perfect for you thanks to the clear menu and sharp image quality.
Available in: 43 inches | 97.3cm wide and 57.2cm high (62.2cm high with base)
49 inches | 111cm wide and 65cm high (70.4cm high with stand)
55 inches | 124.4cm wide and 72.6cm high (79.1cm high with stand)
65 inches | 146.3cm wide and 85cm high (91.4cm high with stand)


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Samsung UE55RU8000: sharp, clear, and colorful

4K (UHD) | Smart TV: Tizen | 100Hz
no longer available

The menu of the Samsung UE55RU8000 collects the most frequently used apps in a separate bar. This gives you direct access to your favorite video services. The HDR TVs show more than a billion colors. I recommend this in light of the future, because more and more movies come out in HDR. If your TV also supports this technology, you'll see more colors and extra clear images.


Perfect for you thanks to the clear menu, the sharp images, and the realistic colors.
Available in: 55 inches | 123.7cm wide and 71.3cm high (77.7cm high with base)
65 inches | 145.6cm wide and 83.6cm high (90cm high with base)
82 inches | 183.8cm wide and 111.6cm high (115.2cm high with base)


These TVs have a similar price and display 4K and HDR images.

LG OLED55C9PLA: perfectly black images

4K (UHD), UHD premium | Smart TV: WebOS | 100Hz
no longer available

The LG OLED55C9PLA not only has 4K and HDR support, but also an OLED screen. This screen consists of tiny pixels that light up individually or turn completely black. As a result, you see a powerful contrast between dark and light images. A scene of a starry sky becomes extra realistic. To switch between video services, you don't have to press all kinds of buttons. Grab the Magic Remote and select apps by pointing at the screen.


Perfect for you thanks to the perfectly black images and the user-friendly remote.
Available in: 55 inches | 122.8cm wide and 70.7cm high (73.8cm high with stand)
65 inches | 144.9cm wide and 83cm high (86.2cm high with stand)


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Samsung QE55Q85R: clearest and most colorful images

4K (UHD), UHD premium | Smart TV: Tizen | 100 Hertz
no longer available

The QLED screen of the Samsung QE55Q85R guarantees clear images and a wide color range. Because every possible color is perfectly displayed, you can see all the subtle hues in a flower field or the wings of a butterfly. You can easily find your favorite video services via the Samsung Smart Hub. This main menu brings connected devices and apps such as YouTube or Netflix together in a clear menu. With the One Remote, you can quickly navigate through all options.


Perfect for you thanks to the bright and colorful images and the clear smart menu.
Available in: 55 inches | 123.1cm wide and 70.81cm high (79.2cm high with base)
65 inches | 144.9cm wide and 83.1cm high (91.8cm high with base)
75 inches | 167.5cm wide and 96.1cm high (105.3cm high with stand)


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