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You've heard of them: Samsung's QLED televisions. They have LED in their name, but is QLED the same thing as LED? It is, if you consider the basic techniques, since both TVs are equipped with a backlight. Yet, both types of TVs are different. The QLED TVs are equipped with a Quantum dot technology, which means nanocrystals have been added to the LED panel. This gives QLED TVs increased brightness and a wider color gamut. Even in brightly lit rooms or when you're watching movies and series that feature dark scenes. This article outlines the differences between the 2 TVs and how they compare in practice.

In short

Which television do you want? QLED television LED television
Do you want the brightest image? Yes No
Do you watch a lot of movies and series with dark scenes? Yes No
Do you want your cables and peripherals to be out of sight? Yes No
Do you want 1 remote for all devices? Yes No
Do you want a small television? No Yes
Do you want a low input lag because you play a lot of games? Yes Yes

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