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If you're choosing a new TV, you'll have to choose between different screen technologies at some point. There's the LED and QLED image technology, for example. Even though the names of these 2 technology types only differ by 1 letter, they're still quite different. In this article, we'll explain the similarities and differences between LED and QLED.

The main differences between a QLED and LED TV

Which television do you want? QLED television LED television
Do you want the brightest image? Yes No
Do you watch a lot of movies and series with dark scenes? Yes No
Do you want 1 remote for all devices? Yes No
Do you want a small television? No Yes

LED and QLED explained

LED: standard image panel

An LED television is a TV with an LCD screen that doesn't emit light of its own, but that's lit up by built-in LED lights. Rows of white LED lights behind the screen or in the bezel of the screen produce different colors of light that together form the image on your TV. The television creates black or dark images by blocking as much light as possible. The result is that you see spots of light discoloration in the darkest parts of the screen. Black isn't truly black. The same goes for the color representation. Not all tones are equally visible.

QLED: colorful and bright images

Samsung QLED TVs have an LCD panel as well, but nano crystals have been added to the screen. These are very small crystals that provide the TV with a higher brightness and wider color range. You can compare it to a painter. If they have more colors at their disposal, they can mix them into more (and brighter) shades and create more details in their painting. In addition, some QLED TVs have a wider viewing angle and a filter that neutralizes reflections caused by ambient light. That way, you can also enjoy the strongest contrast in bright daylight.

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