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Expert review of the Samsung The Frame 32LS03T

The Samsung The Frame 32 inches is a new addition to the line of lifestyle televisions from Samsung. This compact television is suitable for smaller rooms and has a number of interesting features. You can use the Art Mode to show paintings and you can also easily place the TV vertically, for example. In this review, I test the stylish TV and highlight the most important features.

Samsung The Frame 32LS03T

Full HD | Smart TV: Tizen | 50Hz
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  • Display a photo or painting of your choice and the TV will blend seamlessly into your interior.
  • Thanks to the slim design and the No Gap wall mount, you can mount the TV tightly on the wall.
  • The QLED screen provides clear and colorful images.
  • You can also use this television vertically.
  • Thanks to its small size, this television is suitable for smaller rooms.
  • Larger sizes of The Frame support 4K resolution, so they show sharper images.
  • The smaller One Connect Box offers fewer connectivity options than the larger versions of The Frame.

First impression of The Frame 32LS03T

First impression of the Samsung The Frame 32 inches TV

Thanks to the small size, installing the TV is easy and you'll have the television on the TV cabinet in no time. Ideally, you mount this stylish TV to a wall mount. But because I can't mount a TV in the test space, I'm not using the included No Gap Wall Mount. I place the TV on the 2 plastic legs. Right off the bat, I notice that the One Connect Box is smaller than the box that comes with larger models. This version of the One Connect Box has 2 HDMI ports instead of 4.

Slim design for on the wall

The 32-inch version of The Frame is also designed to hang on the wall like a painting. With the included No Gap Wall Mount, you can hang the TV tightly against the wall. When you attach a frame around the screen, The Frame blends in perfectly with your interior. But feet are also included with the television. These plastic feet don't look very sturdy, but fortunately the TV isn't heavy. Thanks to the One Connect Box, you can place all your devices out of sight. This way, there's only one cable running to the television. This cable isn't transparent like the larger The Frame models, but light gray.

Always art in the picture

Art Mode of the Samsung The Frame 32LS03T

Thanks to the Art Mode, you can show real works of art on the TV. You'll find 20 works of art on the TV out of the box. To choose from over 1200 works of art, subscribe to Samsung's Art Store. The TV has a sensor that measures the ambient light. In Art Mode, The Frame then automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen. This way, the TV really looks like a framed painting. You can also easily show your own photos on the screen via Samsung's Smart Things app. I simply import photos to the app and show them on the TV with the push of a button.

Show portraits in vertical mode

Vertical mode of the Samsung The Frame 32LS03T

One of the unique things about the 32-inch The Frame is that you can also use the TV vertically. This is especially useful when you want to show vertical photos or portraits. Because the TV is quite small and light, you can easily move it around. You can place the TV vertically like a frame in smaller spaces like your kitchen, for example. The TV recognizes when it's in vertical mode and automatically rotates the screen. But it's not possible to show vertical movies.

Good image quality with QLED

The QLED image quality of the Samsung The Frame 32 inches TV

While the larger sizes of The Frame support the 4K resolution, this television only supports Full HD. Due to the smaller screen, you won't really notice this difference and Full HD and 4K content looks sharp. Thanks to the QLED screen, I get bright colors and a powerful contrast ratio. The black levels also don't disappoint. I can clearly see the earth against a deep black backdrop. In the black parts of the screen, I don't see much glow.

Little reflection, standard viewing angle

Viewing angle and reflections of the Samsung The Frame 32 inches TV

This size of the The Frame has, as opposed to other Samsung QLED TVs, no special filters which increase the viewing angle or stop reflections. Still, I don't see many reflections on the screen. In Art Mode, the brightness of screen goes down and I do see reflections. When sitting next to the TV, I also notice the image quality decreasing rather quickly. The contrast is less clear and the colors less bright.

Decent sound for standard use

Sound from the Samsung The Frame 32LS03T

The sound of the 32-inch The Frame comes from 2 speakers on the side. The sound quality is fine for standard use. I notice that voices sound clear. Although the sound quality is sufficient for standard TV watching, I do recommend a soundbar for an optimal viewing experience. Especially when I turn up the volume, I miss the deep bass tones that I'd hear with a soundbar.

Nice remote

One Remote Control remote of the Samsung The Frame 32 inches TV

As with the larger sizes of The Frame, the 32-inch version comes with the One Remote Control. You can easily connect this remote to different devices, so you only need one remote to operate your TV and peripherals. The One Remote Control looks luxurious and fits comfortably in the hand. There are few buttons on the remote, but the ring in the middle is easy to control. This makes it easy to type words in a search bar or search for a station with numbers on the screen.

Clear but slower smart menu

Smart menu of the Samsung The Frame 32LS03T

The Samsung Smart Hub menu also appears with the 32-inch The Frame as a row of tiles at the bottom of the screen. I find this useful, because I can keep watching TV while I navigate through the menu. I notice that the menu responds a bit slower than with the more expensive TVs from Samsung. As a result, the controls feel less smooth and intuitive than I'd like.


Full HD | Smart TV: Tizen | 50Hz
in stock

The Samsung The Frame 32LS03T is a compact television that brings the benefits of Samsung's lifestyle television to smaller rooms. Thanks to its slim design and simple installation, you can easily move The Frame to another room. There, you can place it vertically to display photos or portraits, for example. In terms of image quality and possibilities, this size of The Frame isn't as good as the larger sizes. If you're looking for a small but stylish television, the 32-inch The Frame is a good choice.

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