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Expert review of the Samsung The Frame

The LS03T is the new version of the Samsung The Frame, the TV that you can hang on the wall like a painting. Little has changed in the design, but the image quality has significantly improved. Every size has 4K support and a QLED screen. This means that the images are extra sharp and colorful. In this review, I highlight the most important properties.

The Samsung QLED Frame 55LS03T

4K (UHD) | Smart TV: Tizen | 100Hz
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  • Display a photo or painting of your choice and the TV blends seamlessly into your interior.
  • Because of the slim design and the No Gap wall mount you can mount the TV tightly on the wall.
  • The 4K support and the QLED screen deliver sharp and colorful images.
  • With the One Connect Box you can connect all your peripherals via 1 transparent cable.
  • The TV displays a lower contrast than other QLED TVs in this price range.

First impression

The design of this TV stands out when you hang it on the wall with the No Gap wall mount. Unfortunately, the wall of my test room isn't suitable for this, so I had to place the TV on its base. That's a shame, but this TV is also available in our store. I can see how it subtly integrates in a room. The included One Connect Box contains the connectors for all cables. I can easily hide all the cables that way.

Designed as a real photo frame

The minimalist design makes the TV look like a real photo frame. There are no parts protruding at the rear, so you can hang it as tight as possible on the wall. The only connection is for the One Connect Box. I subtly guide the transparent "Invisible Cable" that comes with this through special recesses. The TV comes standard with a narrow black border. After purchase you can request a free extra list from Samsung. This is available in various designs, such as dark wood and metal.

Art and photos in Art Mode

With Art Mode I disguise the TV even better as a photo frame or painting. With this I view dozens of artworks from famous artists, such as Munch of Monet. There is something for everyone. When you take out an Art Store subscription, you expand the choice with many more photos or paintings. I find it striking how realistic each image looks. This is mainly because a built-in light sensor adjusts the screen brightness to the room lighting.

Sharp and colorful

Sharp and colorful image quality from The Frame

In addition to 4K support, the TV has a QLED screen. There are nanoparticles on the screen that convert light into color. When I view HDR images, I quickly see that this TV has a better image quality than its predecessor. Small details like hairs or blades of grass are razor-sharp, while color nuances are clearly visible. So a colorful flower field or an ocean with subtle shades of blue look vibrant. The 32-inch version supports the full HD resolution.

Clear images, black can be a bit deeper

The brightness and black levels of The Frame

In addition to a wide color range, the TV also has a high brightness. As a result, bright color tones look realistic, even in illuminated rooms. In terms of black levels and contrast, The Frame scores slightly lower than other TVs in this price range. This is mainly because it doesn't have a full array backlight that darkens the screen in specific areas. As a result, small details disappear in the shadows and colors don't stand out as much.

Little reflection, standard viewing angle

The reflection and viewing angle of The Frame

Compared to Samsung's best QLED TVs, The Frame has no special filters that improve the viewing angle and neutralize reflections. Nevertheless, I have little trouble with annoying reflections, which is an advantage in illuminated rooms. The image quality decreases slightly when I am sitting on the side of the screen. If you want to hang the TV on the wall, I recommend that you do this right in front of your viewing position.

Decent sound with standard use

The sound of the Samsung The Frame

Although the TV doesn't have a built-in soundbar or other high-quality speaker system, it delivers excellent sound with standard TV use. The double built-in speakers ensure that voices and effects are clearly visible. While the smaller sizes have 2 speakers, the larger sizes, from 55 inches, have 2 subwoofers. This makes the deeper bass tones sound more powerful. If you want a music piece or a chase scene to make more impact, I recommend choosing a The Frame model with subwoofers.

User-friendly remote

The Frame One Remote

The box contains a white version of Samsung's One Remote. This remote control has a compact size and only a few buttons. Thanks to this clear layout I switch quickly between all settings and apps. The on-off button works as a shortcut for the Art Store. By pressing this button briefly, I conjure up a painting or artwork on the screen. With the microphone button I get access to the built-in speech assistant. With this I open a YouTube video for example by recording the title.

Well-arranged smart menu

Samsung The Frame smart menu

With the Smart Hub, The Frame has the same smart menu as other Samsung TVs. I don't mind, because the menu leaves little to be desired. With one push on the Home button, all apps and settings appear in a bar at the bottom of the screen. As a result, the images that I view at that moment are still largely visible. New additions are AirPlay 2 and the Apple TV app, which allows you to watch videos from your iTunes library.


4K (UHD) | Smart TV: Tizen | 100Hz
in stock

Because of the unique features such as the Art Store and the stylish frames, the Samsung The Frame is an addition to your interior. Compared to last year's versions, the image quality has visibly improved. If you make the move from a Full HD or older 4K TV, then you look at sharper images with a larger color range. If you find image quality more important than design, there are better options in this price range. For example, the Samsung Q80R has full array local dimming, allowing you to look at a deeper black display and a stronger contrast.

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