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Expert review of the Samsung The Serif TV

The Samsung The Serif TV is designed by the Bouroullec brothers. This famous designer duo gave the TV a unique design that seamlessly blends into any modern interior. Because the 2019 series has a QLED screen, the image quality is also impressive. In this review, I explain the most important features.

The Samsung The Serif

4K (UHD), 49-inch | Smart TV: Tizen | 50 Hz, Quantum Dot
no longer available
  • The stylish design is the perfect addition to any modern interior.
  • Thanks to Ambient Mode, there's never a black screen in your room.
  • Via NFC, you can quickly and easily stream music from a smartphone to the TV.
  • Thanks to the QLED screen, the TV displays better images than the first The Serif TVs.
  • Due to the limited viewing angle, the image quality deteriorates when you're sitting in front of the TV at an angle.
  • Other QLED TVs in this price range deliver a wider color gamut and a deeper black display.

First impression

For this review, I'm going to be testing the white version. If you prefer a different color, the TV is also available in dark blue. You can place the TV on a piece of furniture, but this way, the unique design doesn't come into its own. Instead, I mount the TV on the stylish metal leg stands. One of these leg stands has a cable duct, so I can neatly conceal the power cable. The connectors at the rear are neatly hidden behind a magnetic cover plate.

Unique and luxurious design

The Serif design

The TV frame is made of hard plastic and has a flat top and bottom. This makes the design look like a letter I from the side. This explains why the TV is called The Serif. The flat top offers space for photo frames, plants, or other accessories. Smart, because this way, the TV really becomes a part of your furniture. The metal leg stands are thin, but sturdy. Whenever I sit on a chair or couch, these metal leg stands ensure a pleasant viewing height.

Never a black screen with Ambient Mode

The Serif Ambient Mode

No matter how nice the border is, in the end, a TV consists largely of a black screen. That's why I think Ambient Mode is such a useful function. With this mode, you can conjure up artworks, photos, or other images on the screen. In addition to the basic choices that you get with other QLED TVs, The Serif has a special selection. The most striking one is called "Palette by Bouroullec". The TV shows abstract waves in this mode. On top, it shows a layer with useful information such as a clock, the weather, or the latest news items.

The wall pattern on the screen

The Serif wall pattern on the screen

Do you want the TV to blend in even more subtly with your interior? If so, simply display the color or pattern of your wall on the screen. To test this function, I download the SmartThings app on my smartphone. Next, I take a picture of the TV and the wall. A few seconds later, a copy of my wallpaper appears on the screen. Although the end result isn't smooth and uniform, the colors and details have been adopted very realistically.

Stream music via NFC

The Serif NFC

The integrated speakers deliver a clear reproduction of vocals and effects at a standard sound level. The bass lacks some depth because the TV doesn't have an integrated soundbar or powerful speaker system. The NFC point that is on the TV offers a unique advantage. When you place your smartphone on it, you connect both devices with each other. This way, you can use the TV as a wireless speaker.

Minimalistic remote control

The Serif One Remote

The Bouroullec brothers have changed the original design of the One Remote in a few subtle ways. This remote is white and has a more sleek design. The small number of buttons is very clear and refreshing. Unfortunately, the logos of video services such as Rakuten TV and Amazon Prime Video reduce the minimalist design. You can call up the Bixby speech assistant with the microphone button. Although this function doesn't support Dutch (yet), it processes English controls very effectively.

Well-arranged smart menu

The Serif smart menu

The Smart Hub appears as a bar at the bottom of the screen. Here, all connected devices, settings, and apps come together clearly. In combination with the One Remote, I can quickly and easily switch between all options. It's useful that the images that I'm currently playing remain visible. The most important addition of this year is the AirPlay 2 support. With this last function, you can send videos, photos, or music from an Apple device to the TV.

Improved image quality through QLED

The Serif image quality

In the past, the choice between a The Serif or another TV in the same price range was equivalent to a choice between design or image quality. Fortunately, the image quality of the 2019 series has improved considerably. Thanks to the 4K support and the QLED screen, the TV delivers sharp and clear images. The contrast and color depth of other QLED TVs in this price range, such as the Q70R, is slightly better. This is partly because these TVs have a full array of background lighting.

Little reflection, limited viewing angle

The Serif reflection and viewing angle

The QLED screen hardly creates any disturbing reflections. This comes in especially handy when you're watching TV in illuminated spaces. The viewing angle is rather limited. As a result, images become darker and colors are distorted when I sit in front of the TV at an angle. That's why it's important that you sit right in front of the TV in order to optimally enjoy the image quality.


4K (UHD), 49-inch | Smart TV: Tizen | 50 Hz, Quantum Dot
no longer available

Do you want a real eye-catcher in your living room? Look no further. Thanks to the stylish frame and leg stands, The Serif has a unique and luxurious appearance. In combination with the atmospheric images of the Ambient Mode, the design blends seamlessly into your interior. Although the TV doesn't have the best image quality in its price range, you're assured of a sharp and clear image display thanks to the 4K resolution and the QLED screen.

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