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What is a lifestyle TV?

Do you think it's important that a TV fits your interior? Then a lifestyle TV is just what you're looking for. Lifestyle TVs, or design TVs, have a special design or useful functions that either make them stand out or blend in seamlessly with your living room. On this page, we'll cover every aspect of a lifestyle TV.

The Frame and Serif: the ultimate design TVs

Samsung The Frame

The Frame

You attach the Samsung The Frame to your wall like an artwork. Instead of your average black border, this TV has a stylish frame. You can choose from several wooden and metal options. When you surround it with a couple of real picture frames or paintings, you'll barely notice there's a TV in your living room. Thanks to the Art Mode, the TV blends into your interior completely. This mode lets you to show one of thousands of artworks on the screen, from classical paintings to modern photographs.

Samsung The Serif

The Serif

The Samsung The Serif is created by the Bouroullec brothers. They gave this TV a stylish design, which looks like a serif I from the side. Combined with its slim legs, this TV is a real eye-catcher. Just like other Samsung QLED TVs, this TV has an Ambient Mode. This mode lets you watch photos or interactive images. For example, you can choose a clock, or a window on which raindrops appear when it starts to rain outside. That way, there is never just a black screen in your living room.

Lifestyle techniques

Philips Ambilight


An Ambilight TV expands your watch experience to far outside the screen. These TVs have lights on the sides, top, and sometimes even back of the screen. The lights light up the wall behind the TV in the colors of the images. This doesn't just create a special effect, but it also has a calming effect on your eyes when you're watching TV in the dark.

Pivotable stand

Pivotable stand

Do you watch TV from different positions, such as your couch or dinner table? Try a TV with a pivotable stand. You can easily turn these TVs left or right, so that you always have the best view of the screen. This has a couple of benefits, compared to a pivotable wall mount. You can easily move your TV and you don't have to drill any holes in the wall, for example.

Built-in soundbar

Built-in soundbar

Modern TVs are getting flatter and flatter. And though this looks stylish, it also has a disadvantage. Because it offers less room for good speakers. This means that the sound quality is often disappointing. A separate soundbar is one solution, but it takes up more space and it requires extra cables. That is why a TV with an integrated soundbar is a convenient all-in-one solution. The soundbar is usually designed by a specialized audio brand and made to fit the design of the TV.

Sony Acoustic Surface

Acoustic Surface

Sony developed the Acoustic Surface technology as an alternative to a soundbar. This means the speakers aren't built into the border, but into the back of the screen. That way, the border can stay extra thin. Thanks to the placing of the speakers, the sound really emerges from the screen. When an actrice talks on the right side of the screen, it sounds like her voice is coming from mouth. The stand of the TV has a subwoofer that produces a deep bass and really makes thrilling effects come to life.

Lifestyle accessories

Samsung One Connect Box

One Connect Box

A tangle of cables doesn't go with a tidy TV setup, of course. Samsung offers a smart solution for this, with the One Connect Box. You can connect this box to all of your devices, such as your Blu-ray player and your game console. Then you connect it to your TV with a single transparent cable. That way, you can keep all of the devices and cables neatly out of sight. The box from 2019 and onwards even has an input for the power socket, so that there is no power cord emerging from the TV.

Samsung One Remote

One Remote

Most Samsung TVs come with the One Remote. This remote lets you operate both the TV and other connected devices. That means you can finally clear your table or drawer of all of those separate remotes. The One Remote is available in different versions, from white plastic to shiny metal. Which one you receive, differs for every TV. Every remote has a minimalistic design and is very user-friendly, thanks to the small amount of buttons.

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