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What is Sony Acoustic Surface?

With a Sony TV with Acoustic Surface technology, the sound comes straight from the screen. This has several advantages: the audio sounds more realistic, you won't need extra space for a soundbar, and the bezel of the TV stays very thin. In this article, we'll tell you more about the Acoustic Surface technology and explain the advantages.

Realistic dialogue and sound effects

Sony Acoustic Surface

Because the sound comes straight from the screen, the stereo sound reproduction is extra realistic. If an actor is talking on the left side of the screen, it's as if the words really come out of his mouth. Some TVs with Acoustic Surface technology can also be used as a center speaker in a home cinema set. In that case, the TV only reproduces dialogue and sound effects, while the separate speakers provide the powerful and surround effects.

Available on Sony OLED TVs

Sony TVs with Acoustic Surface

At this point in time, only Sony OLED TVs have Acoustic Surface technology. The first TV with this sound system is the A1. With this TV, the subwoofers are in the stand which the screen leans against. Nowadays, the subwoofers are in the back of the screen as well, such as with the AG9 and AF8.

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