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OLED in understandable language

Not sure what all those technical terms mean when it comes to televisions, but do want to know what OLED is? Keep reading. Below, we'll explain how OLED works in clear language, and what advantages it brings when watching TV.

What are the advantages of an OLED television?

OLED TV benefits

A television with an OLED screen operates each light individually. That means the TV builds up the screen carefully. Every image pixel only shows the color it needs to to display the right image. The television also varies the light intensity. By disabling or barely turning on the pixels, you can create a perfect black image. As a result, the contrast ratio, the difference between the brightest light and the deepest black, is very big. That means the image looks realistic and lifelike. It also means that the colors really pop.

How will I notice the OLED technique?

OLED perfect black

You can enjoy the advantages of the OLED techniques with everything you watch. The thing that stands out most is the way movies and series are displayed. Darken the room, turn on a thriller or adventure movie, and be amazed by the details on the screen. Even in the darkest shadows, you'll still see every detail, thanks to the perfect black of the OLED screen. An advantage of this technique is that you also have large image angles. You have the same image quality from every place in the room. The image won't get worse if you look at the TV at an angle.

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