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I want better sound on my television

A flat television has all kinds of advantages, but also an important disadvantage: there's not much room for speakers in the slim case. A speaker needs space to produce a high-quality sound. Fortunately, there are solutions that make the sound of your television much better. You can choose between a soundbar, soundplate, home cinema set, or an audio system with separate components.

The easy solution: soundbar or soundplate

Soundbar or soundplate

A soundbar is an easy solution to improve the sound of your television. You can connect it to your TV with 1 cable. Choose a soundbar with a separate subwoofer if you're looking for a really full sound. A soundplate is a soundbar you can put the television on. Soundplates often have an integrated subwoofer.

Is a soundbar or soundplate something for me?

Are you looking for better sound with your TV, without hassle? If so, yes.
Do you have limited space in your room? If so, yes.
Do you want a true surround experience? If so, no.

The complete solution: home cinema set

Complete home cinema set solution

Do you often watch movies at home and want a soundtrack that makes an impression? If so, choose a home cinema set. You can connect this set to your television with 1 cable and it consists of a compact receiver with Blu-ray player and a speaker set. Place the speakers around you in the room and enjoy true surround sound.

Is a home cinema set something for me?

Do you want a true surround experience? If so, yes.
Are you looking for a full-fledged sound experience for movies, series, and sports? If so, yes.
Do you have limited space in your room? If so, no.

Your own solution: separate speakers

Separate speakers

Choose your own set of speakers to precisely match the sound experience to your wishes. Put together a surround set that matches your living room and your sound preferences for your television. Note that separate speakers often don't work without a receiver on your television.

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