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Help choosing a soundbar

Do you want to improve the sound on your television? A soundbar is a good choice for you. With a soundbar, you can easily create better sound for your favorite films, series and sports, or TV programs. Choose a soundbar you can place in front of the TV or hang under the TV, or choose a soundplate the TV can stand on. In this article, I'll help you choose the best soundbar for you.

Make your choice

Multi-room system

Speakers throughout the house: multi-room

Do you want to improve the sound on your television? A soundbar is a suitable choice for you. Do you have more speakers, in addition to the soundbar? A multi-room soundbar is the best choice for you. You can connect multi-room soundbars to the other speakers in the house via WiFi. You can control all your speakers in the house via one app on your smartphone or tablet and decide which music plays in which room.

Home cinema set in living room

Speakers in the living room: home cinema

You can use the soundbar as a single speaker on the television or as a separate speaker. For optimum sound on your TV, you can expand this setup with several speakers, such as a subwoofer or surround speakers. This way, you can easily create a home cinema sound setup.

Expand the sound even more: subwoofer

Subwoofer in living room

Do you want to get even more out of the sound from your soundbar? Connect a subwoofer to the soundbar. This way, sound effects from your favorite action movies and series will sound even better, thanks to the bass effect of the subwoofer.

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