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The best TV for the caravan or camper

In a camper or caravan, you have to use space efficiently. That is why a small television with a maximum of 32 inches is the ideal choice. It's useful if the television has a 12V connector. You can use this to connect it to the 12V socket of the camper or caravan. In this article, you'll find the best TVs that meet these requirements.

Choose your ideal size

Most televisions are available in different sizes. These sizes are indicated in inches. To determine the best size for your room, measure the distance from your viewing position to the current TV in centimeters. Multiply this number by 0.2. The result is your ideal size in inches. For example, if your viewing distance is 100 centimeters, a 20-inch TV is the best choice. Keep in mind that this is just a guideline. You can easily take a few inches bigger or smaller.

Philips 24PFS5863: speaker and CI+ input

Full HD | Smart TV: basic platform | 50Hz
no longer available

With the Finlux FLD3222, you can save space in various ways. In addition to its compact size, this TV has a built-in speaker. So you don't need a separate speaker set for an extra powerful sound. If you want to get digital TV, the CI+ input makes a separate decoder unnecessary. Simply plug your provider's smart card into the TV and watch your favorite TV programs.


Perfect for you thanks to The built-in speaker and CI+ module.
Available in: 24 inches | 54.79cm wide and 39.65cm high
32 inches | 73.16cm wide and 51.45cm high

Salora 22LED1600: sharp Full HD images

Full HD | Not a smart TV | 50Hz
no longer available

With the 22-inch and 40-inch formats from the Salora LED1600 series, you can view sharp Full HD images. This makes every detail clearly visible, whether you're watching TV or playing a game. The other formats display HD Ready images. These are less sharp, but still clear. Although a built-in DVD player is missing, the TV can play images from a USB flash drive or external hard drive. This way, you can watch movies or holiday photos without going through separate devices.


Perfect for you thanks to The sharp Full HD resolution (only for the 22-inch and 40-inch models).
Available in: 20 inches | 46.2cm wide and 30.3cm high (34.2cm high with stand)
22 inches | 50.7cm wide and 30.5cm high (34cm high with stand)
24 inches | 55.2cm wide and 32.6cm high (36.2cm high with stand)
28 inches | 63.4cm wide and 37.8cm high (42cm high with stand)
32 inches | 73.8cm wide and 43.8cm high (47.5cm high with stand)
40 inches | 92.7cm wide and 54.4cm high (58.1cm high with stand)


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