Written by Laurence

What is 4K (UHD)?

4K (UHD) is the name for a resolution that's 4 times sharper than Full HD. UHD was developed for TVs and 4K for movie theaters. In the TV industry, both resolutions always refer to UHD. This means you can watch 4K images on an UHD TV without a hitch. On this page, I'll you more about it.


The 4K resolution is an industry standard for movie theaters and is made up of 4,096x2,160 pixels. The difference with UHD is that the row of horizontal pixels is wider because movie theater screens are wider than television screens. Still, 4K is closely intertwined with the TV industry's UHD. During your search for a TV, you can assume that both 4K and UHD refer to the same thing.

UHD premium

Occasionally, you'll see the term UHD premium. This term was introduced by various TV manufacturers, film companies, and developers of image techniques. In addition to a UHD resolution, these images have a wide color gamut and a high screen brightness. Thanks to this universal agreement, film companies can rest assured that their images appear on your TV the way they were intended to. With a UHD premium TV, you'll achieve the highest possible image quality with a movie or series.

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