Help after buying a TV

You've purchased a new television. Time to connect all of your devices and set them up. But where do you begin? On this page, we'll tell you exactly how to connect your television, set it up, and install it.


Connecting a TV


Mounting a TV

Installing a wall mount doesn't have to be difficult, but it takes the right materials and some time. Make sure you're properly prepared and ask a friend to help you with the lifting.


Setting up a TV

With the right settings you get better picture quality or more ease of use from your TV. Our specialist guides you through every step.

Solve problems

Do you see bars on the screen or no image at all? Take a deep breath and read these articles. We'll give you useful tips to solve the problems.

Other tips

TV tips
  • Select the correct port. Most television automatically select the antenna port. Use the Input or Source button on your remote to select an HDMI port, for example.

  • Is your video signal displaying noise? Try using a new HDMI cable. The most recent video signals, such as 4K, take up a lot of data. This means that an older HDMI cable might not possess sufficient bandwidth.

Help choosing a Samsung TV

Help choosing a Samsung TV

Did you buy a Samsung TV? With these articles, we'll help you set up and control the television. We'll also explain how to connect the TV to the internet and how to set up the smart menu.

Help using your LG TV

With the advice on the page, you can get even more fun and user-friendliness from your new LG TV. This way, we'll help you adjust the image and sound reproduction and set up your apps.

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