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How do you adjust the image settings of your LG TV?

You can adjust the image settings of LG TVs in all kinds of ways. This way, you can easily choose from standard modes that suit your usage situation, such as watching sports. With the same ease, you can adjust all individual picture settings to your own taste. Think of the brightness or contrast. Find out how to do this in this article.

Step 1: press the Settings button

LG settings menu

Grab your remote and press the Settings button. You recognize this button by the icon that looks like a gearwheel.

Step 2: open All settings

LG all settings

On the left side of the screen, you'll find a list with various icons. Use the arrow button on your remote to go down until you reach * All settings *. Select this option by pressing the OK button.

Step 3: open Picture


At the top of the list, there's the Picture option. Select this. This will take you to the menu for the image settings.

Step 4: Open Picture Mode Settings

Picture mode settings LG

Select the Picture Mode Settings at the top of the drop-down list. If you want to choose a default picture mode, select the Picture Mode option and go to step 5a. If you prefer to adjust all picture properties in detail, go to step 5b.

Step 5a: choose a Picture Mode

Picture Mode LG

You can choose from different usage situations. In this overview, you can see which options you have and what you can adjust exactly.

The Picture Modes

Picture Mode What you adjust
Vivid Boost the brightness, sharpness, and contrast.
Standard Set an average contrast, sharpness, and brightness.
Eco Lower the brightness of the screen so the TV uses less energy.
Cinema Choose the best black levels and colors for movies. Due to the lower brightness, this option is especially recommended in dark rooms.
Sports Make fast-moving images like a ball flying through the air extra sharp.
HDR effect Make the screen extra bright and dynamic.
Filmmaker Mode Watch movies and series with the best possible image quality, like the makers intended.

Step 5b: adjust all settings

All LG settings

Under the Picture Mode option, you'll find all individual settings, such as sharpness and brightness. By moving the sliders to the left or right, you can adjust each image property to your own taste. In this overview, you can see all functions.

The settings

Picture Mode What you adjust
Contrast Adjust the difference between the bright and dark parts of the screen.
Brightness Make the image less or extra bright.
Sharpness Adjust the sharpness of the edges.
Color Make the color representation extra or less deep.
Tint Adjust the color balance between red and green.
Color temperature Enhance the warm or cold color tones.
Dynamic contrast Adjust the ideal contrast based on the brightness.
Dynamic color Adjust the colors and saturation for a more vivid picture.
Preferred color Change the color of skin, grass, and sky.
Color gamut Increase or decrease the color gamut.
Super resolution Increase the sharpness of blurred or indistinct parts of the picture.
Gamma Make the image lighter or darker.
Eco Mode Reduce the brightness to reduce power consumption.
Eye Comfort Mode Adjust the color temperature to reduce eye fatigue.
HDMI Ultra HD Deep color Improve sharpness and brightness. This option is only available if your source and images also have this setting.

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