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Help, my TV won't show images

You want to watch TV, but the device only shows a black screen. This is not a reason to panic, because the solution is usually very simple. First, follow the steps in this article. If you still don't see images afterward, please contact the customer service.

Step 1: does the television switch on?

Is the TV power cable plugged into the socket?

Normally, the logo of your TV should be displayed as soon as you turn on the device. If this hasn't happened, the TV is probably turned off. In this case, make sure the power cable is firmly placed in the television and socket first.

Step 2: Does the TV respond to the remote control?

Grab the remote control of your TV and press the Menu button. When the menu appears, continue to step 3. If this doesn't happen, you should press the On or Power button. Wait a few seconds and press the Menu button again. Do you still not see a menu? If so, replace the batteries of the remote control.

Step 3: select the correct source

Select right TV source

First, check which input your source is connected to. For example, if the cable from your Blu-ray player goes to the HDMI 1 input of your TV, you can search for it with the remote control. Do this by pressing the Source or Input button. Next. you'll see a list with all available inputs. Press this button more often or use the arrow keys to switch to the correct source.

Step 4: check the connected device

Check connected device

You have selected the correct source, but you don't see any images yet. In this case, check whether the connected device is switched on. Most devices show a light when they are switched on. With a console, you press a button on the controller. This way, you can be sure that the device is not on standby.

Step 5: reset the television

Reset TV to factory settings

Click on the link to view the reset procedure of your television. If the procedure of your TV isn't available, you can find it in the manual of the device.

Step 6: replace your HDMI cable

Replace your HDMI cable

If you still don't see images, an outdated HDMI cable might be the cause. Use a different HDMI cable that's not older than 5 years or buy a new one. You can best connect this cable while both devices are on. First, remove the old cable and then turn off both devices. Next, switch on the devices again and connect them with the new cable.

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