Help using your Philips TV

With the advice on this page, you'll have more fun and user-friendliness with your Philips TV. We explain how to reduce energy consumption, how to reset the TV to factory settings, which button does what on the remote, and more.

Setting up Philips TV

You can set the image and sound via the settings of your Philips TV. In these articles, we explain step by step how to change certain settings.

Gaming on your Philips TV

If you're a fanatic gamer and your game console is connected to a Philips TV, it's useful to switch on the game mode.

Operating the Philips TV

Every remote has a number of unknown buttons. You can read which button does what in this article.

Internet and smart TV

When you have a Philips smart TV, you get access to various apps and streaming services, like Netflix and YouTube. To use these services, first connect the TV to the home network.

Resetting the Philips TV

If you have adjusted a wrong setting or you're planning to sell the TV, it's useful to reset the TV to factory settings.

Other help after purchase

In addition to specific advice for Philips TVs, we also provide general tips for the optimal use of your TV. Think of the best ways to hang, connect, and clean the television.

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