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Philips Ambilight televisions

Philips Ambilight televisions

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Philips Ambilight adds an extra dimension to watching television. The LED lights in the bezel of the TV illuminate the wall in the color of the image. The screen seems a lot wider and in a dark room, it's easier on the eyes because the gradient from dark to light is more subtle. There are 3 types of Ambilight TVs, which are 2-sided, 3-sided, and 4-sided. By connecting the TV to the Philips Hue smart lighting system, the television will "work" with the lights in your house and light up the entire living room in the colors of the television.

Our choice for a home cinema set with 65-inch TV | 65 inches | OLED screen | 4K (UHD)
2.718,99 2.168,99
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Our choice for a mid-range 50-inch TV | 50 inches | LED-LCD screen | 4K (UHD)
Delivered tomorrow
55 inches | OLED screen | 4K (UHD)
Delivered tomorrow
65 inches | OLED screen | 4K (UHD)
Retail price 1.999,- 1.499,-
Delivered tomorrow