Advice on smart TVs

With a smart TV, you gain access to apps, games, and websites via the internet. If you want to learn more about the different platforms, read the articles on this page. We'll also advise you if you're still in doubt between a smart TV or a television with an external Chromecast.

Compare Smart TV platforms

Compare Smart TV platforms

Which smart platform suits what you want to see? We'll list the smart platforms of the main TV brands. You can read more about how each system works and what the most important advantages are here. We'll also explain the differences between a built-in smart platform and a Chromecast.

Expert reviews

These are the differences between a smart TV and Chromecast

You can use a smart TV for more than just apps. Most platforms have streaming and casting options, so you can send images to the TV from a smartphone or tablet. Our experts test the most important features of each smart platform.

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