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How do I place a television in my room virtually?

A TV has caught your eye, but you're not sure whether it fits your room. In this case, the Coolblue app offers a useful solution. With the augmented reality function, you can see each screen size in your room virtually. On this page, you can read exactly how this function works.

When do you use the app?

When you're checking out TVs online, it's difficult to think of how they might look in your room. The app will help you make the right choice in size. After completing a few simple steps, you can see the TV in your room virtually. You can see the size TV at full scale and in any desired space, such as on your cabinet or on the wall. Made up your mind? If so, you can easily order the television via the same app.

Step 1: download the app

Download Coolblue app

To gain access to the augmented reality function, you need the Coolblue app. If this app isn't on your phone yet, you have to download it first.

Step 2: open the app

Open the app

Go to the button with which you open the virtual surroundings via the Coolblue homepage or the product page of a television.

Note: the function is available for:

  • iPhones and iPads with at least iOS 11.0 and with an A9 chip or a newer chip.
  • Android phones with at least Oreo 8.0 operating system that support ARCore.

Don't you see the function in the app? In that case, your device probably doesn't support augmented reality.

Step 3: move your phone

Move your phone

You will now see your room on the screen of your phone. The app will ask you to slowly move the phone from left to right. This way, you can scan the surface of your room.

Tips for a good scan:

  • Make sure the surface, whether it is your cabinet or wall, isn't empty.
  • Make a wide scan movement from left to right.
  • When you're scanning the wall, it's useful to stand at a 1.5 to 2-meter distance from the wall.
  • If you want to put the TV on the ground, you should point your phone at the surface on which you want to place the leg stand.

Step 4: place the TV

Place the TV

As soon as your room has been successfully scanned, use your finger to tap the place you want to put the TV.

Step 5: change the size

Change the size

Done! You will now see the TV in your room virtually. Walk around it and take a look at it from all angles. At the bottom of the phone screen, you can select various sizes. This way, you immediately find out which size looks best in your room.

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