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The best TV for watching TV

You watch TV shows, such as the news, and watch a DVD or a Blu-ray at times. If this applies to you, your TV should have good image quality, but not all kinds of extras that you have to pay for. To help you with your decision, I outlined 4 recommendations.

Choose your ideal size

Most televisions are available in various sizes. These sizes are indicated in inches. To determine the best size for your room, you should measure the distance between your viewing position and your current TV in centimeters. Multiply this number by 0.2 to find your ideal size in inches. If your viewing distance is, let's say, 2 meters, a 40-inch TV is the best choice. Do note that this is simply a guideline. You can opt for a television that's a couple inches bigger or smaller without experiencing any problems.

Toshiba 32L3863: good image, no unnecessary extras

Full HD | Smart TV: brand-specific | 50Hz
no longer available

The Toshiba 32L3863 is a reliable television with good image quality. Thanks to the Full HD support, your favorite TV programs are clearly displayed. Since the device doesn't feature any luxurious extras, the price is low. This doesn't mean the TV looks cheap. The design has thin edges and 3 HDMI inputs for your devices, such as your DVD player and a digital decoder. The included remote has a clear design with buttons.


Perfect for you thanks to the low price and the clear image quality.
Available in: 32 inches | 73.5cm wide and 43.7cm high (46.5cm high with stand)
43 inches | 97.4cm wide and 57.2cm high (60.3cm high with stand)


Would you rather go for a different brand or size? If so, check out all alternatives for the Toshiba 32L3863. These TVs have a similar price and support the Full HD resolution.

LG 49UM7100: sharp 4K image quality

4K (UHD) | Smart TV: webOS | 50Hz
no longer available

The images of the LG 49UM7100 are extra clear, because the TV supports 4K. This resolution is 4 times as clear as Full HD. TV shows aren't broadcasted in this quality, but this TV has found a solution to this problem. A technique known as upscaling automatically makes these images more detailed. The slim design of the TV effortlessly fits in each living room. Apart from thin edges, the TV also has well-designed leg stands at the ends of the screen.


Perfect for you thanks to the clear image quality and the sleek design.
Available in: 43 inches | 97.5cm wide and 57.4cm high (62.7cm high with base)
49 inches | 111cm wide and 65cm high (70.8cm high with stand)
55 inches | 124.7cm wide and 72.8cm high (78.7cm high with stand)


These televisions have a similar price and support 4K resolution.

Samsung UE55RU8000: sharp, clear, and colorful

4K (UHD) | Smart TV: Tizen | 100Hz
no longer available

Do you sometimes watch a Blu-ray video, such as a nature documentary? If so, the Samsung UE55RU8000 might be interesting for you. This HDR TV displays more than a billion colors, while the average TV displays 17 million colors. You can definitely notice the quality difference when you put on a Blu-ray video. In this case, the images are extra colorful and clear. The design has thin edges and a luxurious, aluminum finish.


Perfect for you thanks to the clear and colorful image quality and the luxurious design.
Available in 55 inches | 123.7cm wide and 71.3cm high (77.7cm high with base)
65 inches | 145.6cm wide and 83.6cm high (90cm high with base)
82 inches | 183.8cm wide and 111.6cm high (115.2cm high with base)


These TVs have a similar price and display 4K and HDR images.

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