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The best gaming television

A good gaming TV will let you experience your games best, without trading off any game fun. This means that the graphics look great, while the input lag is low. To keep up with the new standards that are being set by the Xbox One S, One X, and the PlayStation 4 Pro, you'll need a 4K TV that supports HDR.

Low input lag - how?

It's eat or be eaten. As soon as you spot the enemy, you pull the trigger. The last you need in this situation is a TV that isn't up to speed. In other words: the input lag should be as low as possible. For gamers, we advise an input lag of 50ms or lower. This way, the delay between your button presses and the action shown on the screen will be barely visible with the naked eye. If you play a lot of fighting or shooting games, where each split-second decision matters, we recommend a TV with an input lag of 20ms or lower.

Which input lag do I need?

Input lag Suitable for gaming? Example game
0 - 20ms Excellent. Only necessary if you're a serious or professional online gamer. Call of Duty, Battlefield, Tekken
21 - 50ms Good. These models are suitable for the average gamer. FIFA, Need for Speed
51ms or higher Less suitable. These models aren't optimal optimal for games that require quick responses. Minecraft, The Sims

Image quality

A large part of video game enjoyment comes from the slick graphics. Consoles keeping getting more powerful, allowing games to increasingly come close to reality. Or to becoming a visual spectacle, like the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. The best gaming television helps make these graphics come alive. With help of 10 bit television that's able to show over a billion different color shades, for example. Or with help of an OLED tv and its infinite contrast and perfect black levels.

Resolution and HDR

With the launch of the Xbox One S, One X, and the PlayStation 4 Pro, console gaming is moving towards 4K resolutions. Plus, these consoles are also bringing HDR to the living room, which is a nice addition. Not only are you able to see more colors, shadows are much more detailed, and bright images are extra clear. Night scenes that used to be difficult to navigate because you couldn't see thing are now a cakewalk. As a figure of speech, that is. In order to benefit from this technique, you need a 4K television that supports HDR. The best gaming TVs support these techniques.

Standard or optimal gaming

Which television should you choose? The answer depends on the console you're using. If you own a PS4 or Xbox One, a TV with a maximum input lag of 50ms is sufficient. For a PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X, you need to be more demanding. These consoles support 4K and HDR images, which means that it's important that your TV does too. Naturally, a low input lag is still a requirement for these televisions.

Which TV should I choose?

Required specifications Console
< 50ms input lag Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
< 50ms input lag + 4K and HDR support Playstation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, Xbox One X

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