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Do I have to choose a television or projector?

You want to watch movies, series, or TV shows and you're torn between choosing a television or a projector. This choice isn't difficult once you know the differences between the two devices. In this comparison, I explain the most important ones.

The difference in image quality

TV image quality

The image quality of televisions

4K and HDR are among the best image technologies of the moment. With these, you can look at the sharpest and most colorful images. Many affordable models have 4K, while HDR is being built in more often.

  • Large 4K range, reasonable HDR range
  • Only reflection by ambient light
Projector image quality

The image quality of projectors

Only the most expensive projectors have 4K and HDR. Please note that a projector lamp is sensitive to ambient light. The brightness and contrast can be affected in a brightly lit room.

  • Limited and expensive 4K and HDR range
  • Poorer image due to ambient light

The difference in image format

TV image format

The image format of televisions

The size of a television varies from around 24 to 85 inches. The larger the size, the more expensive the TV. For example, you pay a minimum of € 2000 for a 75-inch TV.

  • Small to medium format
  • The largest TVs are expensive
Projector image format

The image format of projectors

With a projector, you get more images for your money. The average affordable projector is already projecting an image format of 300 inches. This makes for a really nice home theater.

  • Large size
  • Cheaper than the largest TVs

The difference in sound

TV sound

The sound of televisions

The integrated speakers of a TV deliver reasonable sound, so that you clearly understand TV programs. You do need a soundbar for a realistic movie experience.

  • Clear enough for TV programs
  • A soundbar is recommended for movies
Projector sound

The sound of projectors

Not all projectors have integrated speakers. If they do, the sound usually sounds unclear or distorted. That's why a separate speaker set is always handy.

  • No or bad speakers
  • Individual speakers are always recommended

The difference in installation

TV installation

The installation of televisions

Unless you mount the TV on the wall, the installation is not difficult. You place the device at any desired location. Connect it to all devices and go through the installation with the remote control.

  • Flexible placement
  • Easy installation
projector installation

The installation of projectors

A projector must be at a specific distance to project a desired image size. You have to adjust the shape or position of the image with functions such as lens shift or keystone correction.

  • Requires a specific placement
  • The image must be adjusted with additional functions

The difference in viewing options

TV viewing options

The viewing options of televisions

Televisions have connections for Blu-ray players or consoles. In addition to an integrated tuner that allows you to watch TV shows, many televisions have smart TV functions for online apps like YouTube.

  • Integrated tuner for TV programs
  • Usually have smart functions for online apps
Projector viewing options

The viewing options of projectors

Just like TVs, projectors have connections for your playback sources. You need a digital decoder for TV reception. Most projectors don't have smart functions. For this, you can use a WiFi receiver, such as a Chromecast.

  • Digital decoder needed to watch TV
  • Separate adapter required for smart functions

The difference in maintenance

TV maintenance

The maintenance of televisions

A television needs little maintenance. As soon as dust gets on the screen, simply wipe it off with a microfiber cloth and a special cleaner.

  • Low maintenance
  • Sometimes you have to clean the screen
projector maintenance

The maintenance of projectors

You must regularly clear the filters of most projectors of dust, otherwise the projector will break. The lamp must be replaced after long-term use.

  • Regular maintenance of filters
  • The lamp must be replaced after long-term use

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