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What is a basic smart TV platform?

A basic smart TV platform is an operating system for smart TVs that only gives you access to the most important smart functions. Basic platforms differ from the extensive smart TV systems in terms of app assortment and user-friendliness. In this article, you can read what the properties of a basic platform are and when a TV with a basic platform is a good choice.

What is a basic smart TV platform?

Basic smart TV platform

A basic smart TV platform has fewer functions and offers less apps than the more extensive smart platforms. These basic platforms usually have the most important apps and functions, but are otherwise limited. If you're going to purchase a television, it's important to check what you expect from a smart TV. Basic platforms are mainly found on more affordable TVs with usually a smaller inch size.

Which apps can you use on a basic platform?

Apps that you use on a basic smart TV platform

All basic platforms have the commonly used apps like Netflix and YouTube. You can also find Amazon Prime Video on all basic operating systems. Other than that, the apps differs per platform. Sometimes, you don't even find the more popular apps on these operating systems. For example, NPO Start isn't available on the basic platforms of Sony, Salora, Toshiba, and Finlux TVs. The app is available on Philips' own basic platform Saphi. Spotify and Disney+ are currently not available on any basic platform.

How user-friendly is a basic platform?

User-friendliness of a basic smart TV platform

Basic platforms also differ from extensive operating systems in terms of user-friendliness. For example, most operating systems don't have the option to control the TV with your voice. Basic smart platforms can sometimes respond slowly, especially when the television has a less powerful processor to control the systems. Just like with extensive platforms, you can control some TV functions with a special app on your smartphone.

When do you use a TV with a basic platform?

When do you use a basic platform or Chromecast?

Televisions with basic platforms are mainly available in the lower price range and in smaller inch sizes. A TV with a basic smart platform is a good choice if you're looking for a television to watch live TV or if you only use Netflix and YouTube. You can expand the functions of your TV if you connect a media player like a Chromecast to the television. This gives you access to most apps and you can play videos from your smartphone or tablet.

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