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The best TV for small rooms

Are you looking for a TV for a small room, such as your kitchen or bedroom? If so, opt for a maximum screen size of 32 inches. You can easily conceal these compact TVs in any space. I outlined 4 recommendations so you don't have to go looking among tens and tens of small TVs.

Choose your ideal size

Most televisions are available in various sizes. These sizes are indicated in inches. To determine the best size for your room, you should measure the distance between your viewing position and your current TV in centimeters. Multiply this number with 0.2 to find your ideal size in inches. If your viewing distance is, let's say, 150 centimeters, a 30-inch TV is the best choice. Do note that this is simply a guideline. You can opt for a television that's a couple inches bigger or smaller without experiencing any problems.

Philips 32PHS4503: clear images

HD ready | Not a smart TV | 50Hz
no longer available

The Philips 32PHS4503 is a reliable television without any expensive extras. Thanks to its compact size, you can easily put the device on top of a cabinet or mount it to the wall. You can view images in the HD Ready resolution. Though this isn't the sharpest quality available, images are clearly visible on the small screen. Do you want to watch analog or digital TV via your provider? Thanks to the integrated DVB tuner and CI+ input, you no longer need a separate box.


Perfect for you thanks to the DVB tuner and CI+ module that you can use to watch TV without needing a separate box.
Available in: 32 inches | 73.26cm wide and 43.6cm high (45.52cm high with stand)

Samsung UE32N5000: clear Full HD images

Full HD | Not a smart TV | 50Hz
no longer available

With the Samsung UE32N5000, you can view sharp Full HD images. Thanks this resolution, you can see the tiniest details of a TV show, series, or game. The back of the TV features 2 HDMI inputs. Use these to connect 2 devices at the same time, such as your DVD player and your digital decoder. If you don't have room for a Blu-ray player, but still want to watch movies, this TV is perfect. Thanks to the integrated media player, the TV plays videos from a USB flash drive or an external hard drive.


Perfect for you thanks to the clear Full HD image quality.
Available in: 32 inches | 73.7cm wide and 43.8cm high (45.5cm high with stand)

Toshiba 32L3863 view online videos via smart TV

Full HD | Smart TV: brand-specific | 50Hz
no longer available

In terms of properties and its image quality, the Toshiba 32L3863 is similar to the Samsung UE32N5000. The biggest difference is that this television is equipped with useful smart functions. When you connect the TV to the internet, you gain access to websites and various apps. This allows you to easily switch between a TV show and an online YouTube video. Thanks to the 3 HDMI inputs, you can connect 3 devices at the same time, for instance a Blu-ray player, a console, and a digital decoder.


Perfect for you thanks to the smart functions that allow you to watch online videos from apps such as YouTube.
Available in: 32 inches | 73.5cm wide and 43.7cm high (46.5cm high with stand)
43 inches | 97.4cm wide and 57.2cm high (60.3cm high with stand)

Philips 32PFS6402: special Ambilight lighting

HzFull HD | Smart TV: Android | 50Hz
no longer available

If you want to create an extra cosy atmosphere in a small room, the Philips 32PFS6402 is perfect for you. This Ambilight TV lights the wall behind the screen in the colors of the image. This looks special and has a calming effect on your eyes when looking in the dark. The smart menu of this TV is clear and extensive. Thanks to the Android operating system, you can use a large number of apps such as YouTube and Netflix. And it's just as easy to play online games or open websites.


Perfect for you thanks to the atmospheric Ambilight lighting and the large range of apps.
Available in: 72.64cm wide and 43.86cm high (48.32cm high with stand)


Would you rather go for a different size or price? If so, check out the alternatives. These TVs have a maximum screen size of 32 inches.

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