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How high should I hang my television?

You want to hang your television on the wall, but find it difficult to determine the ideal height. Before you drill holes in your wall, you obviously want to be sure of the height. In this article, I'll explain how to determine the best viewing height.

No fixed rule

Hanging the TV

There is no fixed height or rule for determining the ideal viewing height. This is because there are several factors that play a role, such as your height and the height of the couch. Also keep your posture in mind. Do you watch television while sitting on the couch or are you usually in bed? The tips on this page are mainly intended to determine a comfortable viewing height. It's not a problem if the television is slightly higher or lower.

Hang one third of the screen at eye level

Tv eye level

To determine the ideal height for your TV, measure the height of the screen. The principle is that you hang the upper third of the screen at eye level. Do you have a screen that is 60 centimeters high, for example? In that case, the top 20 centimeters hang at eye level and the remaining 40 centimeters below it. If you watch TV for more than half an hour, you can be sure that you won't hurt your neck in this position.

Choose a tiltable bracket for high TVs

Tiltable bracket

Maybe it's not possible to hang the TV at this height. A possible reason is that you want to hang the TV out of the reach of animals or children. Furniture or other obstacles might also be in the way. In this case, choose a tiltable wall bracket. With this, you can aim the television down a bit. That way, the images on the screen are still clearly visible.

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