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Expert review of the Sony Alpha A6000

The Sony Alpha A6000 is an advanced and versatile system camera. That sounds really nice in theory, but is the camera just as good in real life? I tested the camera and came to the conclusion that you have a lot of different options with this device. Find out why below.

In short

24.3 megapixels, APS-C CMOS sensor | Full HD 1080p, 11fps, WiFi | including 16-50mm lens | Types of photography: documentary, nature, architecture | Optical zoom: 3x
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  • The camera shoots 11 images per second.
  • The high autofocus speed lets you easily focus on moving subjects.
  • Thanks to the 179 focus points, the camera can almost focus across the entire screen.
  • Thanks to its compact design, you can easily hold the camera with 1 hand.
  • The instructions with the modes make the camera very user-friendly.
  • The 24-megapixel APS-C sensor lets you take sharp photos with a lot of detail.


  • The camera doesn't have touchscreen
  • The photos are grainy with an ISO value higher than 3,200.


A6000 speed

The camera excels in speed. The camera only needs 0.06 seconds to take a photo. You can take no less than 11 frames per second with the option 'Continuous photographs'. This really came in handy when photographing moving subjects. On top of that, the camera made almost zero noise when making a photo. While I haven't tested the camera in nature, I think it's really suitable for animal photography because it's so silent.


A6000 focus

My moving subjects were constantly in focus thanks to the automatic focus with high auto focus speed and the predictive tracking function. The camera always knows where the subject is, based on contrasts in the image. It quickly determines which subjects are most interesting to focus on, even when you move the camera yourself. The camera is equipped with 179 focus points across the entire screen that he can choose from. This way, the focus isn't limited to the center of the image.

Record videos

A6000 film functions

The fast focus possibilities aren't limited to photography. The camera also changes its focus point quickly while recording, and it also automatically follows the subjects. This may be subjects that you select as focus point yourself, or subjects that the camera recognizes automatically. The tracking function doesn't function optimally in low light and contrast. What I liked about the video mode was the possibility of manually adjusting the settings while recording. This gives the videographer more creative room.


A6000 design

It's striking how compact and light the camera is once you find out how much you can do with it. Without its lens, the camera weighs no more than 344 grams. I could easily grab it with 1 hand. This is made even easier by the rubber grip on the front and back. The tiltable screen is also quite large when you look at the total size of the device. There's even room for a flash in the compact design.


A6000 user-friendly

At first sight, the camera has a clear number of functions. I immediately wanted to know more about the 'superior' automatic recording function. The camera explains that this setting reduces blur and white noise. A useful function for those who want to take a good photo quickly. What also added to the user friendliness was the explanation you got with every mode. On top of that, the camera offers a type of mini photography training for beginners in a special instruction menu. This way, you can learn how to adjust the lighting.

Image quality

A6000 image quality

The camera has a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor. This provides your photos with a clear sharpness, lots of details, and a rich color representation. I could also photograph in RAW size. This file format retains a lot of information about the photo, which means you can adjust everything afterwards with editing software. This way, you can make dark photos lighter again. On top of that, the image quality is still quite good, even in darker conditions.


The camera's fast focus possibilities and the automatic tracking function really pleased me. This makes the device very suitable for photographing moving subjects. This way, you'll never miss that one special moment again. Due to these properties, you may expect to be handling a heavy device, but that's not true at all. You can easy grab the camera with 1 hand. On top of that, this advanced system camera remains very user-friendly, despite its many options.

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