Explanation of camera specifications

A camera can do a lot of things and has all kinds of specifications. In addition to there being many of them, these specs can be quite complex. That's why we want to explain what they mean and what you can do with them.


Camera settings

By setting the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture on your camera manually, you can capture your subjects the way you want. In this article, you can read what these settings mean exactly and how they interact in the lighting triangle.

Shutter speed

Camera shutter speed

When you set the shutter speed, you determine for how long the camera sensor is exposed to the incoming light. This determines the lighting for your photos.


Camera aperture

The aperture is a measure of how far the lens opens. This determines how much light reaches your camera's sensor. Read more on how the aperture works and what effect it has on your photos.

ISO values

Camera ISO values

ISO values are the values that determine the light sensitivity of the sensor in your camera. Read all about ISO values and how to use them here.


Camera connectivity

Using WiFi, Bluetooth, or NFC, your camera can easily connect to smart devices. In addition, the manufacturer offers software to increase the camera's connectivity even more.

Image sensor

Image sensor

The quality of your photos and videos is largely determined by the image sensor. There are different sizes of sensors. In the articles below, you can read everything about the differences between the sensors and what effect that has on your image quality.

White balance

White balance

The light you're taking photos in, doesn't always have the same color. Sometimes, your photo might have a blue or orange glow. This has to do with the white balance of your photo. Read everything about white balance here.

Zoom and focus

Zoom and focus

If you zoom in with a lens, you get a subject closer. This is possible with optical or digital zoom. Focus on your subject, by using the autofocus.

Other specifications

Other specifications

In the articles below, you can read more about megapixels, firmware updates, various image sensors, and the crop factor.

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