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How do I set the ISO value on my SLR camera?

To make a good photo in dark situations, choose a high ISO value. In the step-by-step plan below I will explain how to set the ISO on your SLR camera. In this way you learn to use the right value independently while shooting.

Step 1: select the correct camera mode

Choose camera mode

In the fully automatic mode, it is not possible to manually adjust the ISO on your SLR camera. This works in the P position. Just like in the rest of the semi-automatic modes. On Canon SLR cameras, that is Av and Tv, on Nikon and Sony cameras the S and A mode. In P mode, the camera automatically adjusts the other settings to the ISO value you choose.

Step 2: determine which ISO value you need

Determine ISO value

If you photograph outside in daylight, there is enough light for your camera. You then use the lowest possible ISO value. Indoors you set a higher ISO value, often 200 or 400. If you look through the viewfinder, you see a light meter at the bottom. Make sure the meter is in the middle. The higher the ISO, the greater the chance of noise in the image. Try to avoid the values from 800 as much as possible.

Step 3: set the ISO value

Set up ISO

The setting button with which you set the ISO is somewhere else with every camera. On Canon cameras there is often an ISO button on top of the device. If you have a Nikon camera, you usually set the ISO via the menu. Once you are in the ISO menu, use the navigation buttons to go through the various values. In this way you select the ISO value that you need to make your recording.

Step 4: take the photo

Taking a photo

After selecting the correct ISO value, the camera automatically adjusts the other settings in P mode. That way you don't have to set the shutter speed and aperture yourself. You take the photo by first looking at your subject through the viewfinder or screen. Once you have a good view of everything, press the shutter button halfway to focus. You press the button more firmly to take the photo.

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