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5 common error messages on a Nikon SLR camera

Nothing is as annoying as an error message that says nothing to you. Fortunately, you can resolve these reports yourself. In this article below you get solutions for the 5 most common error messages.

Error 1: ERR error message

If you see "ERR" on the LCD screen, there are three possible solutions that you can apply.

  • You have not pressed the shutter release button properly. Take a deep breath and press it again.
  • You have intentionally adjusted the exposure manually. Adjust your settings or use the automatic mode to take your photo.
  • You just turned on the camera and you get the ERR message. Something went wrong with the startup. Remove your battery and the memory card from the camera. Put them back after 15 minutes.

Error 2: F error message

This message indicates a communication problem between your lens and the body. To solve it you must do the following. Turn off your camera and disconnect your lens. Turn your lens well and turn your camera on again.

Error 3: FEE error message

The FEE error message indicates that you have set the aperture manually and that the camera cannot take a photo with this setting. Adjust your setting or put the camera in automatic mode to still be able to take the picture.

Error 4: No Memory Card Error error message

This message can have three causes.

  • The SD card that you want to use is not suitable for this camera. Try a different type of SD card.
  • The SD card is full. Transfer the photos from your card to your computer so that your card is empty again.
  • The SD card must be formatted. If you format the card, you permanently delete all photos and films on it. Put your files on the computer first.

Error 5: Record Movie error message

In almost all cases this message has to do with the memory card. The card you use is not fast enough. A class 10 SD card is required for filming with your camera.

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