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What is a 4K Ultra HD camera and when do you choose one?

If you're looking for a video camera or vlog camera, you'll often see the term 4K Ultra HD. This is the recording resolution. It's important to vloggers and videographers that their recordings are sharp. In this article, you can read what a 4K Ultra HD camera is and why to choose it.

What is 4K Ultra HD?

What is 4K Ultra HD?

A growing number of cameras and video cameras have the 4K Ultra HD recording resolution. The images recorded in 4K resolution are 3840x2160 pixels, so you can see more details in your videos. This makes cameras that record in 4K suitable for demanding vloggers and videographers. To actually see this high image quality, you need a device that supports this resolution. Think of a television or computer screen with 4K resolution, for example.

Advantages compared to Full HD

4K Ultra HD vs Full HD

Videos with 4K Ultra HD resolution have 4 times as many pixels as Full HD recordings. The advantage is that your videos are much more detailed. If you like to make creative recordings, 4K images provide more freedom in post-editing compared to Full HD. You can crop your videos, zoom in on a subject, or make panning shots. This way, you can highlight a clothing item or accessory in your vlog.

Extract 4K photos from 4K video

Crop 4K photos

With some cameras, you have the option to save 4K photos from your videos. You won't miss a single action moment. First, you can record a 4K video of a certain event and determine what the best image is afterwards. Next, you can save the image as a photo. You can use this to capture athletes or animals, for example. Thanks to this function, you no longer have to make a choice between taking photos and recording videos.

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