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Expert review of the Sony Alpha A7 II

The Sony Alpha A7II is a system camera with a full frame sensor and a fast autofocus. This should yield sharp images. I was very curious how the camera performs in practice. That's why I tested it for you. In this review you can read my findings.

In short

  • 24.3 megapixels, Exmor CMOS sensor
  • Full HD 1,080p, 5fps, WiFi
  • Including 28-70mm lens
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Plus points

  • With the 28-70 mm lens you can make portraits, landscape, animal and architecture photos.
  • The 5-axis electronic image stabilization can be used with any lens.
  • Precise shooting thanks to the improved focus speed and AF tracking.

Negative points

  • With a total weight of 600 grams, the A7II is no longer one of the lightest full-frame cameras.
  • No memory card is included.

First impression

First impression is relatively heavy

When I pick up the device, it is heavier than I expected for a system camera. Compared with an SLR camera, the model is relatively light. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the camera is comfortable to hold. You pick it up easily with one hand. Because all the buttons are on the right side of the camera, you can also operate it easily with one hand. All in all, I have a good first impression. I am very curious about the image quality and functions.

Image quality

Image quality ISO value

Full frame sensor delivers sharp images

A plus point of this system camera is the full frame sensor. Together with the advanced BIONZ X processor you can make very sharp photos with little noise. Thanks to the image stabilization, motion blur is reduced. As a result, I photographed with a slower shutter speed. The higher you set the ISO value, the more noise you create. From an ISO value of about 3200, the noise becomes striking. I have tested this camera with a 28-70mm lens. When you zoom in, you do not lose image quality.


Focusing, camera zooms in

Precise focusing through the advanced focus system

Due to the wide field of sharpness, you can accurately focus with this camera. In addition, focusing is very fast. You have a choice of different focus modes. I tried out the continuous focus. In this mode, the autofocus follows a moving subject. This is very useful for recording fast actions. What I also find useful is the manual focus. When you turn the focus ring, the lens zooms in. That way, you focus accurately on your subject.


Camera is comfortable in the hand

Ergonomic design lies comfortably in your hand

Despite the fact that the camera is not very light, the design is comfortable. This is due to the ergonomic design. I felt the camera feel strong. The rubber grip ensures that the camera does not slide out of your hand. Because all the buttons are on the right side of the camera, you can easily operate it with one hand. When I adjusted the settings of the camera, I saw the image change via the viewfinder. I knew immediately what the result was.


Connect with Sony PlayMemories Mobile

Send wireless recordings to your smart device

By connecting your camera to the Sony PlayMemories Mobile app you control your camera remotely. What I really like is that your photos are automatically saved on your smartphone. That way you can share them directly with family and friends. In addition, you can see on the screen of your phone what the camera takes into view. This is useful, for example, when your camera is in a hard-to-reach location and you can not look at the screen.


  • 24.3 megapixels, Exmor CMOS sensor
  • Full HD 1,080p, 5fps, WiFi
  • Including 28-70mm lens
in stock

The Sony Alpha A7 II is very suitable for advanced photographers who want to make the switch to a system camera due to the high image quality. I am positively surprised by the quality of the photos. You make very sharp images thanks to the full frame sensor and the accurate focusing system. The camera also performs well in dark locations. Despite the heavier weight, the ergonomic design ensures that you hold the camera. The camera is easy to operate with one hand.

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