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What do the flames in my gas barbecue look like?

No sure if the burners on your gas barbecue are doing what they're supposed to? It's a wise idea to inspect the burners' flames. In this article, I'll tell you what the flames in your gas barbecue should look like. If they don't, you can read how to get them looking like they're supposed to.

What the flames should look like...

Blue flame

Good flames in your gas barbecue are blue. In some cases, you'll see blue flames with yellow dots at the top. That's also fine, if you grill on butane or propane gas. In addition, the flames are evenly distributed over the burner where they come out. Is this what your flames look like? You can grill without worries. Make sure to clean the burners regularly so you can barbecue without problems for as long as possible.

What the flames shouldn't look like...

Yellow flame

Do you see yellow flames coming out of the burners? That's not OK; it's very dangerous even. Yellow flames occur when when the barbecue has an incorrect air/gas ratio. This can have several causes:

  1. The burners are dirty and blocked by dirt, insects, or food scraps. Solution: Time to clean!

  2. The gas regulator is stuck and has to be replaced. Solution: Buy a new gas pressure regulator and gas hose.

  3. Your gas bottle is almost empty. Solution: You guessed it: get a new gas bottle.

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