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What accessories do you use on a food processor?

The food processor is a champion when it comes to chopping, cutting, or grating. But did you know you can do even more with the right accessories? For example, you don't just use the cutting blade to chop an union, but also to mix the batter for your pancakes. And with the juicer attachment you can prepare a delicious juice in no time. Read more to discover what accessories you need to expand the functions of a food processor.

Cutting blade

  • Function: chopping, mixing
  • For example, suitable for: cutting broccoli, (ready-made) pancake mix

The cutting blade of the food processor can be used for the heavier chopping jobs, like large pieces of broccoli. You also choose this attachment if you want to mix slightly thicker batter. For example, a ready-made pancake mix or a mixture with a lot of butter and sugar.

Dough hook

  • Function: kneading
  • For example, suitable for: cake, bread, or pizza dough

For thick (yeast) dough you preferably use the dough hook. This accessory is slightly wider than the regular cutting blade. Because of this, the thick dough gets stretched slightly in the mixing bowl while you're kneading it, similar to the rolling motion you'd make with your hands or a rolling pin. Do you want to knead thick dough regularly? Then it's best to use a stand mixer.


  • Function: whisking
  • For example, suitable for: egg white, whipped cream

With the whisk, you can whip air into egg whites and cream. This way, you can make your own meringue or whipped cream. This attachment for your food processor looks different for each brand, but they work the same way. Do you want to whisk egg white or whipped cream regularly? Then use a stand mixer.

Cutting and grating disks

  • Function: cutting and grating
  • For example, suitable for: slices of cucumber, grated carrot

Whether it's grated carrot, julienne cucumber, or grated Parmesan cheese, you use the cutting and grating disks on your food processor for all your cutting and grating. There are many different disk with different functions like making fresh fries, for example.

Food chopper attachement

  • Function: chopping
  • For example, suitable for: salsa, nut butter

Do you want to make a fresh dip or chop herbs? Then use the food chopper attachment. Put your ingredients in the mixing bowl, let the food processor pulse a couple of times, and put your salsa dip on the table right away. Thanks to its compact mixing bowl, this attachment is also very suitable for grinding nuts and chopping an union.

Blender attachment

  • Function: puree and making thick juice
  • For example, suitable for: soup, smoothies, and milkshakes

You use the blender attachment if you want to puree fruits and vegetables for smoothies. The pitcher for this accessory is handy for working with fluids, thanks to its size. And with the handle, you pour your strawberry smoothie in a glass right away. Is the pitcher heat resistant, then you can also use this attachment to puree soup. With some brand, you don't attach a blender attachment, but a special disk in the mixing bowl of the food processor. This works the same way, aside from the pouring convenience.

Juicer attachment

  • Function: making thin juice
  • For example, suitable for: apple juice and carrot juice

Turn your food processor into a juicer with the juicer attachment. This lets you make thin juices without pulp like carrot juice or apple juice. Use the feed tube at the top of the attachment to juice your ingredients one by one.

Citrus press attachment

  • Function: making thin juice
  • For example, suitable for: orange juice

Want to start every morning with a glass of fresh orange juice? Use the citrus press attachment. The press cone rotates automatically when you press half an orange against it, so you don't have to use any force yourself.

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