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How can I get a stable WiFi connection for gaming?

Your team is about to defeat an enemy champion. But then: lagspike. By the time you reconnect, the teamfight is over. Your Nexus has been destroyed. Your team loses because your WiFi connection was lost. How do you prevent internet lag while gaming via WiFi?

While gaming in a MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena), a stable internet connection is crucial. Many gamers prefer to play via a wired network connection because the WiFi in the attic has a higher latency. Your ping can make the difference between killing or being killed. With the following tips, you can improve your WiFi signal so that your ping is between 0 and 50. Game on!

Tip 1: Stay close to the source

Close to the WiFi source

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Make sure you're as close as possible to the antenna of the WiFi signal. The further you are from your powerful router or powerline, the weaker the signal.

Tip 2: Own the WiFi

Adjust the QoS

Prevent your brother or roommate from slurping up all the bandwidth by downloading their favorite trilogy. Don't own your brother, but do own the router? Then adjust the QoS (Quality of Service) settings on your router, giving your game priority.

Even when you game via the network cable, you can prioritize via QoS.

Tip 3: Game on the 5GHz band

Use the 5GHz band

The 2.4GHz band reaches the attic, but is very sensitive to interference. That's why you should always play on the 5GHz band. Does your gaming laptop or PC not have WiFi N or AC yet? Improve the WiFi reception with a dual-band WiFi AC adapter.

Do you prefer to play in the attic?

Send the internet via a power or network cable to the top floor. Connect an access point via the network cable and create a WiFi hotspot. Because you send the internet signal through a wire, it won't weaken.

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