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You're looking for the best network solution for you. What do you need? What should you pay attention to if you have a big or small house? On this page, you can find an overview of all the pages that give advice on network products, such as routers, access points, powerline adapters, and WiFi repeaters.

Improve the speed and stability of your WiFi

Improving WiFi speed

Is the speed of your wireless network insufficient or do you keep losing your connection? We'll help you with tips and tricks and features that your router should have.

Improve the range of your WiFi

Improving WiFi range

Does your wireless network always work fine near your router, but does the quality drop in another room? On this page, we'll explain how to boost the WiFi signal and how you can get WiFi throughout your home.

Support during installation and use

Network installation support

You have a router, access point, powerline adapter, or WiFi repeater, but you're not sure what all the specifications mean or what the right settings are. We'll explain it on this page.

Have you made the most of your current situation?

Getting the most out of your network situation

Sometimes, there are easy ways to improve WiFi that isn't working well. For instance by putting your router in a different place or giving priority to certain internet traffic. We'll help you in a few steps.

Help with your office network

Business network with a network switch

Want to know how to expand your business network and which functions you need on a switch? Read it on this page.

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