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WiFi doesn't work well

Nothing as annoying as Wi-Fi that does not work optimally. Your receipt is insufficient, your speed is not good or the connection is unstable. Whatever the cause is, the consequences are the same: the series you stream often has to buffer, downloads go slow, your mail just does not want to come in and your phone jumps to 4G. On this page I explain how to improve your current wireless connection.

1. Locate the problem

Locate the problem

To discover how best to optimize your Wi-Fi connection, you first need to know where and when the problem occurs. This is because the solution is:

  • Connect a network cable between the router of your provider and your PC, is your connection not yet optimal? Please contact your provider.
  • Does the internet via the network cable go well, but you have a moderate connection when you are in the internet or in another room? Then the range of your wireless network can improve.* Does the problem also play when you are near your router, but when many other people are using the internet? Then your router can not handle the number of devices or the stability is the problem.

2. Optimize the range of your router

Optimize the range

Is your router in the meter cupboard, while you mainly want to surf the internet 2 rooms or on another floor? Then you can optimize the range of your Wi-Fi by moving the router. A WiFi amplifier also improves the range, just like changing the wireless channel.

3. Optimize the speed and stability of your router

Optimize the speed

Is your wireless connection usually sufficient, but do movies suddenly have to be buffered? Then improve the stability and speed of your router. Make sure, for example, that your devices are always connected to the fastest network or give Netflix priority. More and more routers have advanced options to improve stability.

4. Connect more devices to your router

Connect more devices

Have you followed all the tips above, but is your wireless connection still not optimal? Then there may be too many devices connected to your network. On less powerful routers, such as your provider's, you usually do not connect more than 10 devices at the same time. Choose a router with a powerful processor to connect more devices. You connect more than 10 devices to middle class routers. Top-class routers have a powerful processor, allowing you to connect more than 20 devices to Wi-Fi at the same time.

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