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Tips to improve your WiFi range

Bad WiFi signal can totally ruin your night of Netflix fun. Want to expand the WiFi range in your house? Here, we'll give 4 tips for a better WiFi range.

Place your router at a central place.

Router at central place

Steel plates, radiators, thick walls, or even a mirror of an aquarium may block part of your WiFi signal, which leads to bad WiFi range in your home. Place the router in a central location at home for better WiFi range.

Don't point antennas at each other

Does your router have external antennas? Always place one antenna upwards and one horizontally to have better WiFi range. The antennas of the router transmit WiFi signal. This signal can be compared to circles in the water when you throw in a stone. If you throw 2 stones next to each other, the circles cancel each other out. When you place both antennas in the same direction, they block each other's signal.

Choose the most calm WiFi channel

Change channel

A WiFi band consists of multiple channels. These channels form a digital highway for your data. When multiple devices use one channel at the same time, they form a traffic jam, which slows down the signal. This may cause loss of WiFi signal. Discover which channels in your house are used with help of a WiFi scanner or analyzer. Choose the channel of a calm band for the best results.

Increase your channel width

The bandwidth of most routers is set at 20MHz by default. Double the channels of your digital highway with a couple of clicks by changing this bandwidth to 40 or even 80MHz. To do this, go to the wireless settings of your router. This way, you can increase the WiFi range and increase its speed.

Install the latest software

Bad WiFi range can also be caused by outdated software on your router. The router might not use all channels, for instance, or it could miss a new technique. Installing new firmware can also help improve the WiFi range in the house.

See how to upgrade the firmware in the manual of your router.

Place a WiFi booster

WiFi extender

A WiFi network starts with an internet connection and a modem/router. A simple router of your provider with 1 WiFi band has less channels for you to connect network devices. On top of that, household appliances such as remotes, baby monitors, and microwaves can also influence the WiFi range. Extend your WiFi bands with a dual-band access point or powerline adapter for a stronger network and better WiFi range at home.

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