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WiFi boosters

Doe the WiFi connection drop away when you're in a video meeting? Or don't you have coverage in that one room, that one floor, or in the garden to stream your favorite series? Finding the right WiFi solution can be a challenge. We have the best WiFi boosters for your WiFi problem and we'll help you find the ideal internet solution. This way, you can find the right WiFi booster for you.

The different WiFi boosters

Multi-room WiFi

  • It's easy to connect
  • It provides a strong WiFi signal in your entire home
  • There's no speed loss thanks to mesh
  • You can easily expand the network
  • You don't need to run network cables
  • In large homes, you need more than 4 stations
  • You don't have advanced configuration options

WiFi routers

  • You have a lot of setting options.
  • It has a higher speed than the modem of your provider.
  • There are extra options for gamers.
  • It offers coverage on only 1 floor.
  • You need cables to connect a router.

Powerline adapters

  • You can turn any socket into a WiFi point
  • There's no need to run network cables
  • It also provides coverage in the attic or garden shed
  • You have to switch between WiFi networks
  • You loose part of your internet speed

Access points

  • It sends the signal via the network cable, so you don't loose any speed
  • It's suitable for demanding network tasks, such as downloading and streaming at the same time
  • You have advanced settings options
  • You need network knowledge to set them up
  • You have to run cables

WiFi repeaters

  • You can extend the WiFi signal without setting something up
  • The WiFi speed will halve when you use a repeater
  • You WiFi network doesn't automatically switch to the strongest network at home
  • You can extend the WiFi signal to 1 or 2 rooms at most

MiFi routers

  • You can provide 4G coverage with a WiFi network
  • You can connect your laptop or tablet to WiFi without using your phone as a hotspot
  • You need a SIM card with a data plan

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