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Need a WiFi booster for your KPN Experia Box?

If you you have an internet subscription at KPN, you get a modem with an integrated WiFi signal: the Experia Box. If the WiFi signal of this KPN modem isn't strong enough, there are different products that can improve your signal. An access point or powerline adapter can create an extra network in your home. Multi-room WiFi can replace the router and ensure that you have WiFi coverage throughout the house.

Which WiFi amplifier is suitable in my situation?

Multi-room WiFi Powerline adapter Access point
Can I use the appliance without pulling cables? Yes Yes No
Do you want 1 full-coverage WiFi network in your entire house? Yes No No
Do you want to install the WiFi amplifier without network knowledge? Yes Yes No
Do you want to extend the signal for an extra TV receiver from KPN? Yes Yes No
Do you want to use the full speed of your internet connection? Yes No Yes

The main differences between WiFi amplifiers

Multi-room WiFi

Multi-room WiFi
  • Easy to connect to your KPN Experia Box.
  • The 2 stations create 1 full-coverage WiFi network in apartments and small single-family homes.
  • If you have 3 stations, it's even suitable for larger houses and several floors.
  • Thanks to the mesh network, you don't lose speed.
  • Walk through your home with a smartphone and you're connected to WiFi the entire time.
  • You don't have to pull network cables.
  • Has fewer advanced functions than standard routers.

Powerline adapter with WiFi

Powerline adapter
  • You can turn every socket into a network connection and WiFi hotspot.
  • Also suitable to connect your KPN TV receiver.
  • You don't have to pull network cables.
  • Works less well in homes with an older power grid.
  • Powerlines don't work if you plug them into a power strip.

Access point

Access points
  • You don't lose speed because you send the internet signal via a network cable.
  • You can create an extra network if you want to work online with your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • You have to pull cables to access the internet via the access point.
  • You need to know something about WiFi networks to install an access point.

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