Improve WiFi speed and stability

Are you only a few meters from your router, yet your speed is breaking up or insufficient? There are multiple solutions and techniques to improve your WiFi speed. We've divided them into two groups: speed and stability. The first will discuss what you can do if your download speed is lower than what you pay your provider for. The second will discuss a lost connection if the speed is sufficient.

My download speed is too low

Download speed too low

A network connection is only as fast as the weakest link. In most homes, it's the internet connection. If you have a subscription with a maximum speed of 100 Mbps, that's the maximum download speed, no matter how fast your router is.

What WiFi stand do I use?

WiFi standard

There are various standards for wireless internet. New standards are introduced occasionally, which are usually faster than their predecessor. The most recent standards are wireless AC and AD. Wireless AC has a minimum speed of 433 Mbps, and AD is at least 3080 Mbps.

Ensure speed with a cable

Higher speed with cable

If you connect your device to a router with wires, you have a guaranteed speed. That speed is determined by the speed of your router or the device. Almost all new devices have Gigabit Ethernet, but there's also Fast Ethernet. The maximum speed is 10 times as low in that case.

Less fast because of bad reception

Poor WiFi reception

The maximum speed of your wireless network is also influenced by your wireless reception. Because a lot gets lost in the air if there's bad reception, that influences the speed. Improving your range has a positive effect on your speed.

WiFI doesn't work in another room

WiFI doesn't work in another room

If walls, ceiling, or other wireless networks interrupt your signal, it affects the stability of your network. Because of the disruption, some signals never reach their destination. A stronger WiFi signal can solve this problem, because there are less disruptions. Switching to a different frequency band can also help. Even though 5 GHz is faster, it doesn't travel through walls as well.

MU-MIMO: Stable internet with a lof of users

Stable internet connection for many users

If multiple people use a wireless network to game or stream at the same time, that can cause disruptions. A standard router sends packages to each device on the network individually, which can cause delays. A router with MU-MIMO (Multiple user, multiple input, multiple output) can create multiple connections at once, so you can enjoy a stable connection from every device.

Prioritize games and movies with QoS

Prioritize games and movies

A roommate who's downloading on full speed can also cause an unstable connection. The signal is fine, but the connection won't be. A router with Quality of Service (QoS) can prioritize online games or video streams, so they will always work fine.

Focus your WiFi signal with beamforming

Focus your WiFi signal

Beamforming is a technique that allows your router to focus the WiFi signal on your device. The router won't send the signal everywhere, but only in the direction of your smartphone or laptop. The range of your router will improve, as well as the speed and stability.

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