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Advice on powerline adapters

With powerline adapters, you can turn any socket in and around your house into a network connection or WiFi hotspot. We want to help you make your choice by answering a few questions for you. That way, you'll better understand which things are important to consider when choosing the right powerline adapter for your home.

1. What's convenient about a powerline network?

What's convenient about a powerline network?

Powerline adapters enable you to distribute internet throughout your house via the powerline network. To another floor, your garden, or just the other side of a room. The adapters use your home's existing AC power grid. You won't have to run long cables or drill holes.

2. How do you install a powerline network?

Setting up powerline adapters

The installation of a powerline network is very easy. Anyone can do it!

  • Plug the adapter in the socket and connect to the router via a network cable.
  • Plug the other adapter in a socket near where you want to expand your network to.
  • Press the button to connect them.

A powerline network always consists of at least two adapters. You can easily expand your network with individual powerline adapters. We offer different kits in our assortment with 2 or 3 adapters that let you get started right away.

3. Do you want to connect devices to WiFi?

Powerline WiFi

Having trouble getting a good WiFi signal in the attic, basement, or the other end of the garden? Choose a powerline adapter with WiFi. Plug the adapter in any socket and you'll have a wireless network where the standard wireless coverage of the router isn't ideal. Enjoy a string WiFi signal for your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

What does this mean for the WiFi networks in my house?

When you install a powerline adapter with WiFi, you create an additional WiFi network in your home; the one from your current router and the one from the powerline adapter. The second one will have a different name. You'll need to set up both on your laptop or smartphone to enjoy a powerful wireless network throughout the house. Your devices will connect to the new network if the old one is no longer available. That means that you'll lose your Internet connection for a few seconds.

4. Want to make wired connections with devices?

Wired powerline adapter

Do you want to connect a TV, computer, and console in a single room? Opt for a powerline adapter with network ports. To these network ports, you can connect any network device you want. Don't want to give up a socket when setting up a powerline network? Go for an adapter with an integrated socket, in which you can plug in any device you want.

5. How fast is a powerline network?

Powerline adapter speed

Powerline adapters are available with speeds of 500 to 2,000Mbit/s. In the case of a powerline adapter with a speed of 500Mbit/s, this comes down to 62.5MB per second. The distance between the adapters and the quality of the electrical wiring in the house is also important. In older homes, the speed of a powerline network tends to be lower. Do you use gigabit Ethernet? In that case, you'll sacrifice some speed if you use a powerline network. 1,000Mbit/s, on the other hand, is perfectly suitable for browsing the Internet, gaming online, or streaming HD movies.

6. What else do you need?

In order to make wired connections between devices and a powerline adapter, you need a (short) network cable. Network cables come in different lengths. Want to connect more than three wired devices to a powerline adapter? Go for a separate switch to divide a network connection into more network ports.

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