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6 tips to make your garden winter-ready

You do most of the gardening work in spring and summer, but there is still plenty of work to do in the fall. I give you some tips to help your garden survive the winter months. This way, your garden will look beautiful again in the spring.

1. Make sure your lawn is free from leaves

Lawn free from leaves

In the fall, leaves are released from trees and end up on your lawn. When the leaves remain on your lawn for a long time, they harm the grass. The sunlight, for instance, no longer reaches the grass, which results in yellow or brown spots. In addition, it rains a lot in autumn, which causes leaves to rot and affects the quality of your lawn. So grab a leaf blower or leaf vacuum and keep the leaves off your lawn.

2. Mow your lawn once more

Mowing the lawn

Mow and fertilize your grass one more time for the first night frost. Make sure that the (ground) temperature is still around 10 degrees Celsius and that there is not too much wind. You also naturally keep the right amount when fertilizing. This is often stated on the packaging.

3. Trim deciduous shrubs and trees


Carefully check which outdoor plants you can trim in the fall and winter without causing damage. Some tree species need to be trimmed when it gets colder, since the sap flow is less rapid and the structure of the branches is better visible. Trim deciduous shrubs to protect them from heavy wind. When cutting or trimming trees, check the local regulations. You often need a permit to trim or cut a tree.

4. Cover the surface of your border

Mulch layer

Lay a mulch layer on the ground to protect the soil better against frost. A mulch layer then serves as insulation material for the earth. This protects the roots of the plants against freezing. There are different mulches. For example, you can lay down cocoa pods or wood chips. Of course you can also use the fallen leaves that fell from the tree in the autumn. That is so easy.

5. Protect outdoor plants against the cold

Protect outdoor plants against the cold

A number of outdoor plants are sensitive to frost. Think, for example, of tropical and Mediterranean plants. Put the plants in a pot preferably indoors, in the barn they are better protected against the cold winter wind. Can not you put the plant inside? Then you can protect the plant with fleece cloth. Sometimes you read that bubble wrap is also suitable, but use this only for the pot and not for the plant itself. Otherwise you have a greater chance of diseases.

6. Ready in the garden? Neatly store your gardening tools

Clean garden tools

Have you given attention to your lawn and plants for one last time? The garden season is temporarily over. Now, you can clean your garden tools, remove the gasoline from your gasoline mower, or make sure your hedge trimmer is nice and sharp. You should only sharpen your garden tools yourself if you know how to do it. Otherwise, you should have your tools sharpened by an expert. Store your tools neatly and you're ready for the winter months.

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