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Advice on gas patio heaters

Gas patio heaters bring atmosphere, cosiness and warmth into your garden or on your veranda. Gas heaters are also suitable for large catering establishments. Most gas heaters are equipped with wheels that make it easy to move. In addition, most gas patio heaters can heat a large area.

1. Which gas patio heater is best for you?

Gas patio heater

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a gas patio heater? We'll list them below.

  • You're not bothered by cords because these patio heaters are mobile.
  • The fire of a gas patio heater increases the atmosphere.
  • Gas patio heaters have a wide range
  • Gas is relatively more expensive than electricity.
  • A gas patio heater is always visible.

2. What's the average heating range of a gas heater?

A gas heater has a greater range than an electric patio heater. That's because it's more powerful, so it has a higher capacity. Compared to an electric heater, you'll need less gas heaters to heat up the same area. We distinguish between 3 levels:

  • Small heating range: <15m2
  • Average heating range: 16-30m2
  • Large heating range: <30m2

3. How do you safely handle a gas patio heater?

Gas bottle

The gas patio heaters in our assortment use butane or propane gas. You must purchase these gas bottles in advance. How do you actually connect this gas bottle? We'll give you some tips:

  • Check whether the gas bottle has an undamaged seal.
  • Remove the seal.
  • First check the pressure indicated on the gas heater you want to connect.
  • Use a gas pressure regulator to provide the gas heater with constant pressure.
  • Connect a gas hose and use hose clamps to prevent the hose from coming loose.
  • Make sure the gas valve is closed and the gas heater is off before connecting a gas bottle.
  • Put the gas bottle in an open room for adequate ventilation.
  • Always open the gas valve with your bare hands and don't use any tools.
  • Always place the gas bottle upright to maintain the pressure.
  • If a fire breaks out, turn off the gas valve as soon as possible and remove the gas bottle.

4. Don't forget the accessories!

Gas pressure regulator

Gas pressure regulators

Complete your purchase with the right accessories. For example, you'll always need a gas pressure regulator to provide the gas heater with constant pressure. Note: some gas patio heaters are already fitted with a gas pressure regulator by default.

Protective cover

Protective cover

A gas patio heater often isn't moisture resistant. That's why you should put it inside during the rain, or protect your gas heater with a protective cover. As a result, your gas patio heater will last a lot longer. The protective covers in our assortment are suitable for patio heaters with certain dimensions. Make sure the sizes of the cover and the patio heater match.

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